REVIEW: Insufficient Mating Material ~ Rowena Cherry ~ Dorchester Publishing -

REVIEW: Insufficient Mating Material ~ Rowena Cherry ~ Dorchester Publishing

Title: Insufficient Mating Material

Author: Rowena Cherry

Website of Author:

Publisher: Love Spell – Dorchester Publishing Co, Inc.

Website of Publisher:

Genre: Futuristic Romance

Publication date: 2007

ISBN: 0-505-52711-1

Length : 322 pages

Format: Paperback

Tricky business in the Royal Family of the Tigron Empire pits brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles and parents in a battle of wits. With all of the intrigue no one is sure who is trying to kill whom, and what the motive could be. The widowed princess is to be mated to her lover, Commander Jason when a substitution is made and she is presented with a bald and limping Prince Djetthro Jason who has been forced to choose between marriage to her or death for treason.

She refuses the Mating and uses her Djinn power to emphasise her displeasure. As the Prince tries to convince her to take him as her mate their transport is shot down and they are stranded on an uninhabited island. Getting to know one another and convince her to wed should not be too difficult in that situation, if they can stay alive. But, it is not the wilderness that will threaten most. The intrigue and Royal rumblings continue unabated while they are out of the way.

The intrigue is dynamic, never have I read a romance novel with more twisted and tangled subterfuge interwoven so well. The romance itself is fraught with its own problems as each party is at least partially in love with someone else. Someone they can't have. But the power struggle, and underhanded tactics of the Royal family keep one on one's toes. The multitude of characters involved in the plotting is difficult to keep strait in the beginning, however the reader is rewarded at the end when everything if finally sorted out, sort of.

With the hope that someone will end up with a happily-ever-after the reader is drawn deeper and deeper, and kept on the edge of their seats. Thanks Rowena, this is great.

About the Author:

Rowena Cherry is a self-described lifelong lurker and fact magpie.

Rowena's youth was spent on the tiny British island of Guernsey: a mystical, idyllic setting with its prehistoric earth-goddess statues, Tudor Martello towers, underground gun emplacements, and legends of faery men.

A school chess champion and winner of the Duke of Edinburgh's Gold Award, Rowena went to ancient Cambridge University for her four-year combined honors degree in English and Education, after which she taught at an exclusive boarding school in Dorset. Eventually, Rowena met and married her auto designer husband, and now lives in Michigan USA. Readers can visit her on the web at

Reviewed by Aris Reviewer

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REVIEW: Insufficient Mating Material ~ Rowena Cherry ~ Dorchester Publishing REVIEW: Insufficient Mating Material ~ Rowena Cherry ~ Dorchester Publishing Reviewed by Aris on 7:09 am Rating: 5


  1. Thank you very much, Aris. I really appreciate your very kind review, and your timing is perfect, given that Insufficient Mating Material has just been released to UK bookstores.

    Thank you!

    Rowena Cherry

  2. I was delighted to read this very kind and balanced review by Aris.

    I hope readers will find the family tree (in the back of Insufficient Mating Material).

    Insufficient Mating Material is the second full length novel in a trilogy (of two paperbacks and a short prequel).

    The first novel is FORCED MATE, and if readers cannot find the paperback because it is between print runs, there is an electronic version which is a particularly good value for UK readers.

    Thanks again, Aris!

    Rowena Cherry


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