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*NEW* Release Decadent Deceptions (Romantic Suspense)

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About Decadent Deceptions
Desperate to win Morgan’s love, Olivia Breedlove embarks on a reckless folly of cat and mouse. Morgan stays one step ahead of the woman he's loved for years, more so when he discovers the road Olivia travels is strewn with duplicity and murder.

A decade ago, Morgan was a heartbeat away from taking Olivia’s virginity. Her father, Thaddeus, intervened and threatened to meet him over pistols if he ever looked at his daughter again.

Thaddeus is dead now, and Morgan will not ignore the ravenous hunger he’s harbored for the woman. One way or the other, he will quench this burning desire and make Olivia his forever.

Special Content Alert: Voyuerism

*NEW* Release Decadent Deceptions (Romantic Suspense) *NEW* Release Decadent Deceptions (Romantic Suspense) Reviewed by Keta Diablo on 10:17 pm Rating: 5

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