PRODUCT REVIEW: Post-it Durable Filing Tabs -

PRODUCT REVIEW: Post-it Durable Filing Tabs

Post-it Durable Filing Tabs, 2 Inches, Ideal For Binders And File Folders, Assorted Bright Colors, 24 per Pack (686F-1BB) (Office Product)

This is an Amazon Vine Review for the USA site, and you can also find my review on the UK site.

Very handy for writing research! 

I am surprisingly happy with these little fellas. Many of you will know how much I love notebooks and at this time of year diaries, too (and if you don't you do now!) With that in mind, you probably won't be surprised to hear that's where I stuck them - in my diary. I used the tabs to put the months on, so they stuck out and I could flick through to the months I needed with ease. I don't use my diary for personal writing, I book a lot of author features in and need to be able to switch to the months I need with speed. I like to know I have the details at hand, even when my Internet goes down. For this reason, I like hard copies and I love my new tabs. 

With these Post-It Durable Filing Tabs I could do it with ease. They also stick firmly enough for me to flick through them a lot and not come unstuck.

At first I tried writing on them with a Biro pen, but it didn't really show up much for what I needed, so I used a permanent marker and that worked a treat.

Can be also used for making tabs in ring binders project folders and I'd thoroughly recommend them as they appear very long lasting and tough enough to cope with repeated handling.
PRODUCT REVIEW: Post-it Durable Filing Tabs PRODUCT REVIEW: Post-it Durable Filing Tabs Reviewed by Sassy Brit on 9:18 pm Rating: 5


  1. Testing this with the new template, which (if anyone is peeking) I am still working on, but I have to go out now, in the middle of it! LOL Lots of exiting things coming today though - stay tuned...

  2. Hmm! Still got to sort out this 'read more' lark...bye for now!

  3. Blaire Nadal7:36 am

    That's one trouble with post-its. They come off when you try to flick them through. I think I'd give this one a shot. The ones I've been using come off after a day or two.


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