(31 Oct) It's the Monday "Movie" Book Trailer Swap! Share your trailers here!


Hope you enjoy the book trailer 'movie' I found this week. (Above).  

Don't you just love Monday's? Especially HALLOWEEN! Got a book trailer to share? Do come along and share yours. Leave your link below in comments!  I'll visit every one of them and subscribe to your channel too. Please consider subscribing to my OhSassyOne channel, too! Thank you. 

Check out past Monday Movie posts and all the great trailers already shared here. 

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  1. Got a book trailer you'd like to show off? Leave your link here! http://bit.ly/t2L5H5

  2. What a cool book trailer for an interesting series, and so fiting for the day as well! I have a book trailer for the first installment of myt vampire series. I loosley call it a book trailer as it really turned out to be a "mini movie" complete with actors that portray my vampire characters. Thanks for sharing wonderful videos- always look forward to Mondays! Check out my Flesh Fantasy mini movie trailer here  http://youtu.be/h81rt5OarS4


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