The Monday "Movie" Book Trailer Swap: Share your book trailers here!

Happy Monday Everyone! Also, Happy Independence Day to my American buddies!

Welcome to the Monday Movie post where we share each other our book trailers. I'll either spotlight a trailer I've made, or one of which I've found through this fun feature. If you've got one to show off, please leave a link in comments directing us to it and we'll pop on over and pay you a visit to watch it. I'll also add your "movie" to my YouTube Channel OhSassyOne and befriend/subscribe to you, if I'm not already. Please add me, too. Thanks :)

Today I am sharing a "movie" I made. Do watch it! 

What's your book trailer like? Please do leave the link below in comments so we can come and pay you a visit.

Don't you just love Monday's? 

Check out past Monday Movie posts and all the great trailers already shared here.


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  1. -Thanks. Subscribing to your channel now, as well!

  2. Hi Denyse! So glad you shared, I was feeling a bit lonely here, today LOL  The 4th of July really kept everyone busy... :D  Thank you for subscribing to my channel, I'm popping over now to take a peek at your video. Thanks for playing!

  3. MichaelSwanson1:52 am

    I just learned about your site and am eager to feature my professionally produced, theatrical book trailer promoting my newest horror novel, "The Angel Baby."
    Below is the link:
    Michael Swanson


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