GIVEAWAY: "Once Wild" Breaking Out Series- 2 Book Giveaway -

GIVEAWAY: "Once Wild" Breaking Out Series- 2 Book Giveaway


"Once Wild" Breaking Out Series
Book One

Returning to Ashland may take more than determination and resolve to stand against the men wanting Shaun Macgregor punished for his past but when Maria Bellicia is hurled into that turbulence, Shaun has to choose – flee or fight.

"Serranto's Redemption" Breaking Out Series

Book Two

Years of edifice with the Serranto Family Empire fuses two brothers, igniting them by indifference, greed and power. The corrupt kingdom where rules, honesty or family allegiance need not apply lastly explodes, leaving only one in reign. But which brother will stand supreme as the other suffers and falls in annihilation? Whether wrong or right, good or bad, equivocal destruction decimates everything in its wake, leaving nothing.

"Brannigan's War" Breaking Out series

Book Three

Corporal Mitch Brannigan was always one to fight his way through life’s obstacles, and being injured in Iraq was only one more hardship to conquer. Now home in the States, he realizes it is one thing to return from war and feel its affects, but it’s another to accept defeat. He must fight to overcome the denunciation and pain that comes with being a U.S. Veteran—and to fulfill a promise between comrades.

Carol Gambill
Author of the 'Breaking Out Series'
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Two Prizes -- Two Winners

1. "Once Wild", is the first book up for grabs - and the winner can choose to have it in the following formats: PDF, EPUB, HTML, KML, LIT, MOBI, PDB, ROCKET)
2."Brannigan's War"  is also available to win, and is in PDF only  Just follow this blog in any way (Google Follow and/or Facebook) and let me know how you follow in comments with your email address. If you have a question for Carol Gambill, please do ask, it's an extra point! If you are already a follower, you automatically get 5 extra points, just let me know! Giveaway starts today and ends day 12th June 2011

*Required* Rules of entry:
1. Follow this blog in either Google/Facebook and let me know how you do in comments.
2. With each comment leave your email address for me to contact you, should you win.
Additional ways for more points *not required*
3. In a separate comment ask the author a question - it's an extra point!
4. If you already follow you get a bonus of 5 extra points. Just let me know.
5. Extra ways to gain points can be made, but that is entirely up to you. (Tweeting, Buzzing, Digging... etc!)
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GIVEAWAY: "Once Wild" Breaking Out Series- 2 Book Giveaway GIVEAWAY: "Once Wild" Breaking Out Series- 2 Book Giveaway Reviewed by Sassy Brit on 6:28 am Rating: 5


  1. dogandbone8:42 am

    I am your Google follower

  2. dogandbone8:44 am

    A question for the author:
    what is, in your opinion easier: start a series or finish a series?
    why so many sequels are definitely worse than the first parts (or even the last parts) of a series? 

    Take your pick! ;)

  3. I am a follower and email subscriber. Please enter me in contest.

  4. Carol Gambill3:07 pm

    First off, thanks so much to Sassy and the Gang at
    Alternative-Read. I have to say both questions are good ones. After all,
    one book is hard enough to write but to do a series that in the end ties together...well, that’s purely amazing. Luckily, my books are linked by one thing--Breaking Out.
    A premise that our hero is bombarded from life’s oppressive issues, whether it
    is one brought on by poor judgment or imposed by others. They all revolve around
    a harsh world that can only be redeemed by one thing – love. A second chance to
    make things right. So in a round about way, I believe the writing of a series is a triumph
    whichever way it's looked at.

  5. Carol Gambill2:33 pm

    Good Luck to all!

  6. HI, 

    I liked guys your post, it really so brilliant guys.


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