MONDAY MOVIE: Share your book "movie" trailers here! -

MONDAY MOVIE: Share your book "movie" trailers here!

Happy Monday Everyone!

Welcome to the Monday Movie post where we share each other our book trailers. I'll either spotlight a trailer I've made, or one of which I've found through this fun feature. If you've got one to show off, please leave a link in comments directing us to it and we'll pop on over and pay you a visit to watch it. I'll also add your "movie" to my YouTube Channel OhSassyOne and befriend/subscribe to you, if I'm not already. Please add me, too. Thanks :)

Today I am sharing a "movie" I discovered during these marvellous Monday Movie days. I think it's adorable and very cleverly done. Do go and watch it!

What's your book trailer like? Please do leave the link below in comments so we can come and pay you a visit.

Don't you just love how books connect people together? I do!

Happy Easter! I hope you are enjoying your holiday. I don't know about everyone, but it's a bank holiday here.


APRIL 2011
Author in the Spotlight
Tracy Cooper-Posey
Visit Tracy's Author Profile here!
Thank you Kiki Howell for being our guest last month! 

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  1. David Sewell11:39 am

    Hey sassy, he's a book trailer for "A,B&E" - not the usual type of thing, but one that attempts to use the visual language of the YouTube generation.

    Cheers, Marc Nash

  2. Oil slick looks fabulous, and I'm with you on the video--Charming and sooo Cute!
    What a great idea and nice, refreshing style for a trailer.

    Thanks again for doing Monday Movies.
    I've got a new one this week too, a Supers Romance from Devine Destinies.

  3. Steph Burkhart5:40 pm

    Sassy, just thought I'd share my book trailer for my FEB 2011 release, a paranormal romance called The Count's Lair. Enjoy! Smiles


  4. Here's my trailer for When A Mullo Loves A Woman, a full length paranormal romance mystery centered on the ancient gypsy myth of the Mullo -- undead, and past lives.

  5. Great fun, Marc :) Thanks for playing along with the Monday Movie this week. It's nice to hear from you. Hope your writing is going well!

  6. Thanks for playing along again, Frances! Congrats on your new release :) It's a great vid and the music is very soothing!

  7. Hi Steph!

    oh very brooding, dark and dangerous with brill choice of music - really fitting! :) Thanks for playing along again with the Monday Movie!

  8. Oooh I'm intrigued! Congratulations on your début book and thanks for playing along, Jo-Anne! Much appreciated!


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