Musing Monday: Act your age! Or read it? (Call for Reviewers!) -

Musing Monday: Act your age! Or read it? (Call for Reviewers!)

This week’s musing asks…
Which do you prefer: Adult -or- Young Adult books? Or, both? Why?

My answer to this: 

It's a difficult one for me to say, I honestly just love both pretty much equally. I do believe it's nice to have a variation and what I read is often based on how I am feeling when I pick up a book to read. Fantasy is one of the genre's I absolutely adore and there are a lot of fantasy books coming in from both authors of adult and young adult at the moment because it appears to be a very popular genre - with many sub-genres. I'm sure fantasy used to do less well, sales wise, but I can no longer see how that even applies any more these days. Either way, it's a very lucky, lucky time to be reading so much of both!  I don't always act my age, so I don't always need to read my age! What about you?

Sassy Shout Out:
I do actually need British reviewers living in the UK/Europe who like reading urban fantasy! It's for an American client I have wishing to spread the word around this side of the pond more. If anyone is interested, please do get in touch via my contact tab. (Top left). Thank you. 
For anyone else not living in the UK (and also Brits!), we do need reviewers of erotica ebooks.  
What ever your reading preference, it's a great way to share your writing skills - whether you be a reader or author! Good publicity for all. And of course free books!

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Musing Monday: Act your age! Or read it? (Call for Reviewers!) Musing Monday: Act your age! Or read it? (Call for Reviewers!) Reviewed by Sassy Brit on 7:44 am Rating: 5


  1. What do you prefer to read? Adult or Young adult?

  2. I don't ever read YA so I guess I have to say Adult. Maybe 'cos I'm too old to think about those long ago days? :-)

  3. I do agree that the fantasy genre has really good, exciting books that are geared to both adults and young adults. Would be a pity to tie oneself down to one side, and miss out on all the good series out there!

    Here's my Musing Mondays (Feb 28) post!


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