REVIEW: Tax 2010/2011 for Dummies (UK Version) -

REVIEW: Tax 2010/2011 for Dummies (UK Version)

Title: Tax 2010/2011 for Dummies
Author: Sarah Laing
Publisher: For Dummies: A branded imprint of Wiley
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Format: Paperback
Length: 302 pages
Reviewer: Sassy Brit

Tax 2010/2011 for Dummies came to me for review at just the right time, which is good. I mean, who normally gets excited over a book about tax? Not me. Until now.

The first thing I love is that this is the British ‘Dummies’  book and it has been fully updated following the June 2010 budget.  The author is a Chartered Tax Advisor and she definitely knows her subject. The advice within is invaluable, and as with all ‘Books for Dummies’ each chapter is broken down into useful sections.

Split into six parts, the first deals with Tax Facts. Then how tax affects you throughout your life at different ages is tackled within Tax Through Your Ages in part two and covers supporting children, making tax-efficient Investments, Investing in property and passing on your wealth. Part three is all about Pensions and Benefits, which is followed by Working for Someone Else. My favourite section, which I found most useful, is part five; Working for Yourself, which is more appropriate for me, and takes an in depth look into starting, running, and incorporating your business. In the part six finale there are some great tax tips - how to save it, how to deal with HM Revenue & Customs, until finally giving tips for starting and running your own business, followed by an appendix and index all as informative as the rest of the book, and extremely useful.

One new thing is these books have had a bit of a face-lift size wise. Instead of being the big floppy over-sized book we all know and love, these are smaller, and have been streamlined to fit on our British bookshelves in a less conspicuous fashion, though I rather liked the big chunky style. 

Informative. Concise. Fun! For a book about tax, it’s damned good.You'd be a dummy not to buy it...

November 2010
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REVIEW: Tax 2010/2011 for Dummies (UK Version) REVIEW: Tax 2010/2011 for Dummies  (UK Version) Reviewed by Sassy Brit on 1:59 pm Rating: 5


  1. Taxes! *runs away screaming*

  2. LOL At least you can run away screaming with a smile on your face... help is at hand ha! @Blodeuedd83


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