GUEST REVIEW: Once Upon A Nightmare Reviewed by Catweazle -

GUEST REVIEW: Once Upon A Nightmare Reviewed by Catweazle

Title: Once Upon A Nightmare
Author: Lee Moylan
Genre: Horror
Guest Reviewer: Catweazle

Once upon a nightmare thrusts you immediately into exactly what the title says, a nightmare of absolutely chilling proportions!

This terrifying novel is a definite page-turner and will have you trying to read what happens next while having you hand trying to cover your eyes at the same time.
Written in a very clear and professional manner, I felt that this horror story would not be out of place on my bookshelf next to the likes of Koontz and King. I think the author, Lee Moylan, displays a maturity of style, like that of an old hand at the horror business.

From the beginning, the story flows well as you follow one friends’ gradual realisation, led by diabolical dreams, of something absolutely unspeakable happening to her friend, and the actual horrific, physical discovery of what she dreamed of coming true in excellent, graphic and hideous detail. The continual build up of tension is superb. Not only are the characters three-dimensional and believable, the plot feels well researched and succeeds in having the effect that I can imagine the author wanted to portray. The gruesome descriptions of some of the most horrifically unpleasant events are completely successful at sucking you into the very evil world of an extremely twisted mind.

If you are a horror buff and like a large dose of sick and sadistic serial killer then this is definitely a novel for you. I was extremely impressed and would definitely recommend this as thoroughly exhilarating and gruesomely horrific tale that I have read for some time. I think some congratulations are in order for the author although I am slightly concerned about what Lee Moylan thinks about most of the time!


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GUEST REVIEW: Once Upon A Nightmare Reviewed by Catweazle GUEST REVIEW: Once Upon A Nightmare Reviewed by Catweazle Reviewed by Sassy Brit on 2:11 pm Rating: 5

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