GUEST REVIEW: Dark Secrets by Jan Bowles | Sherry Gloag

Title: Dark Secrets

Author: Jan Bowles
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Genre: Erotic Romance
168 pages
Reviewed by Sherry Gloag

I always enjoy Jan Bowles books and this was no exception, but… and I'm afraid there is a 'but'.
Ms Bowles has a wonderful writing style and in this book it seemed contrived when she wrote the erotic scenes.  The scenes themselves were good but did not 'gel' with the rest of her story.
On the other hand Ms Bowles took a difficult subject and wove a wonderful heartfelt and emotional story round it. A less skilful writer might have alienated her reader from a heroine with such a troubled past, but Ms Bowles has her reader empathising with her heroine almost as soon as the story opens.

Megan Lawrence is a complicated woman who is allowing her past to influence her present and her future.  The author does not ease Megan's journey one bit.  Past lies and loves resurface.  Treachery and trauma weave their way from the first page to the last and make Megan's journey as complex as her past.

Sam Marshall returns to the place and person that shattered his future dreams.  He's vowed never to forgive the woman who wrecked his life all those years ago, but can he let go of his deeply ingrained bitterness towards Megan Lawrence?

Both are strong characters and have a bumpy road to travel before they reach their destiny.  I loved Ms Bowles characters, her story and her writing style, with the one, earlier mentioned comment.
For those who enjoy erotic romance, there may not be enough in this story to please them.
I enjoyed this book, but it's not one I'd keep on my shelf.
 Sherry Gloag
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