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Title: Lioness' Heart | Zoe Lionheart 1
Author: Valerie J. Long
Website of Publisher:
Genre: Action/ Thriller/ SciFi
Publication Date: April 2010
ISBN: 978-1-55487-524-5
Length: 177 Pages
Format: eBook
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Reviewer: WitchGiggles

Having witnessed the murder of her lover, Zoe is now on the run from the people who killed him. A system programmer, she has skills that could be useful to the right people and harmful to the wrong ones. So armed with a new identity and job thanks to the witness protection program she seems to have found her niche. Only it seems someone wants her dead and they're about to find out taking her life isn't going to be as easy as they think.

There is certainly a plethora of action in this one and since the author has some talents in the system area it definitely lends credence to the authenticity of those details. The biggest difference I noticed is that with the casual attitude about sex in this book, there is still an almost naivete to Zoe that is somehow seamlessly bonded to the merciless fighter. That in itself is a feat worth mentioning and yet adds to the book. My biggest complaint is the rather abrupt ending leaving me hanging until the next one. I find those a bit off-putting even if the next takes up in the exact same place. Nothing against the author, just my personal dislike.

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  1. That's nice to hear that it has that feeling of authenticity. It can be pretty easy to tell when an author skips their research, and delightful when they get it right.


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