GUEST REVIEW The Return | Jan Bowles | Reviewed by Sherry Gloag

Title: The Return
Author : Jan Bowles
Publisher: Book Strand publisher
Length: 146 pages
Genre/ Heat rating: Sensual
Review by Guest Reviewer Sherry Gloag

When her only love, Robert Tremayne, returns home after two years imprisonment in Iraq Marrielle Stevens' life takes a downward spiral.
Upon learning the only woman to capture his heart had married his best friend, James. Robert's sense of betrayal turns his love to hate in an instant.

Once more Ms Bowles takes an intense plot and weaves her characters future around it.  The motivation that weaves through the story is wrapped around mis-information.  Mis-information that rippled out from the source to the 'villain' and his victims.

It is hard to call a story 'charming' when it deals with such a hard-hitting subject that triggers the story, but the author's writing style does just that.

The heroine, Marielle, is flawed and believable because of those flaws. If it wasn't for Robert's past experiences in Iraq, I would have lost patience with him.  But in spite of that this is a story that leaves you sighing with relief when you finish reading the final page. 

Review written by guest reviewer and author, Sherry Gloag 

The Brat: Release date, ebook, 1st Oct 2010 from The Wild Rose Press 
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  1. Sherry, thanks for a lovely review.

    I'm glad you liked The Return ;-)

    Best wishes

    Jan Bowles

  2. Thanks for taking the time to come and comment, Jan. We appreciate it. @JanBowlesWriter

    Thank you also, Sherry!


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