Ask the Author: What's on YOUR desk this Wednesday? -

Ask the Author: What's on YOUR desk this Wednesday?

This week I am pleased to welcome author, 
Brita Addams

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What's on My Desk?
I actually don't write at a desk. I have the corner of our sofa and the middle cushion, which is usually loaded with large index cards, clipped together with either my current work in progress story plotted out loosely, research, character cards with all their details written out, even phrases I think about and want to incorporate somehow. 
I'm a huge note taker, so I carry paper and pen with me always. Then the notes are incorporated on the appropriate cards. 
Now comes the really messy part – on the back of the sofa, I have a card file, with everything I've researched, every story I've written, future storylines, well, you get the idea. It's extensive and I use it constantly. 
Then I have yellow pads, which I use to write the rough plot, again the characters and their relationships. When they are etched in stone, so to speak, I transfer the information to the cards. I also have my files with my contracts, edits lists and any other information I need at my fingertips. 

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My end table is a mess and unashamedly, stays that way. I have post-its, the phone, pens, my coffee warmer, paper clips and a beautiful "Brita Addams" box my daughter gave me when Serenity's Dream was first contracted. She filled it with a few inspirational items, including an antique pen holder, a bookmark she made, and a Matchbox car from my grandson, (his favorite one!), she even had a brass plate engraved with my pen name and glued it to the top of the box. Also on the table is my e-reader, in case I need respite from writing.
Now, all this is in place to make my writing easier and it does. I usually get up in the morning between 6:30 and 6:45, grab my coffee, which my husband always sets up for me the night before and park myself on the sofa, grab my laptop and start to check my email and Facebook. I have two of each, one for Brita Addams and one for my personal stuff, Tina Ordone. This usually takes an hour, because I have to either answer emails or interact on Facebook, which I confess I love to do.

This done, it is time to start either writing or editing, depending on the day. I don't have a schedule as such. Since my husband and I are retired, my time is pretty much my own. He sleeps quite late, as he stays up usually until four or five in the morning. We laugh because he used to get up at five to prepare for work. Now his time is his own and I am so happy for him. 
I write for at least six hours a day, sometimes more, depending on the circumstances. I tend to write fast then clean it up before submission. I am what is called a "pantser," meaning I write kind of by the seat of my pants. I plot the basic points, but usually the story unfolds before me as I write. Sometimes the characters take me in directions I hadn't expected, but I've always trusted they know where they should go. 
I write in silence, except for the constant chattering of my grandson, who is homeschooled and is usually with us during the day. He's eleven and I confess, we have some terrific conversations. He's usually pretty good about settling in when I tell him I have to write. That is, until the next important thing crosses his mind. I love him and wouldn't have it any other way. 
Our dinner, which my husband cooks, is usually at five, and that marks the time we start to watch television. After we eat, I spend the evening half paying attention to our current favorite "Dead Zone" on Netflix or whatever is on with Gordon Ramsey. During this time, I take care of interviews, articles I've been asked to write or researching for my current or upcoming stories. 
I usually go to bed around nine, so I can read for an hour or an hour and a half, after which I go to sleep so I might start the next day the same way. 
I wouldn't trade a moment of my life, whether I'm writing or spending time with my family. They are so encouraging and helpful. Our youngest daughter lives with us and she is great to bounce story ideas off of. 
There's nothing particularly glamorous about my writing process, but I love doing it and I hope my readers enjoy the finished books. 
Now, it's past my bedtime and no matter what time I go to sleep, I am up between 6:30 and 6:45. *Yawn*
I love visitors, so stop by my site at and say hi. I look forward to shoving the cards over, so you have a cozy place to sit.
Brita Addams


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  1. Thanks for playing along, Brita! Really interesting peek into your life! @BritaAddams Luv it!

  2. Thanks for popping in Skyla, it's lovely to hear from you!


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