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Title: Gate Walker
Author: Chris Stevenson
Website of Publisher:
Genre: Paranormal/Romance/Thriller
Publication Date: December 2009
ISBN: 978-1-61650-094-8
Length: Super Novel
Format: eBook
Reviewer: WitchGiggles

Avalon Labrador is to pay the ultimate price when she is convicted of the murder of her husband, yet is spared when it is found she has conceived after a visit from a most unusual priest. Although the sentence will still be carried out, the child she carries is a chance to right the wrongs done to her.

Life has thrown out a new set of rules since Avy Labrador turned eighteen. Things don't feel right, there's something odd about the death of her mother and her husband a long time ago and now she's got these really weird abilities. Throw in this strange priest, a magician boyfriend and the fact that apparently somebody wants to keep her from exploring the case of her mother and her husband and life just gets plain freaky. She has to decide if she will accept the responsibility of becoming a Gate-Walker, clear her mother and stop the real killers who may try killing again.

It took me a bit to get into this one. I liked the premise and liked the fact that it covered the characters thoroughly, but it was a bit "dry" in places. Even the darkest of novels usually has a bit of humor to it. Once the action starts it becomes a fairly good read.

September 2010
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