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Title: Frommer's Paris Free and Dirt Cheap;
387 Free Events, Attractions, Classes and more
Author: Anna Brooke
Publisher: A Frommer's Book
(Part of
Genre: Non-Fiction / Travel Guide
Reviewer: Sassy Brit

Paris Free and Dirt Cheap; 387 Free Events, Attractions, Classes and more, compiled by Anna Brooke, is a worthwhile book to invest in if you are planning on economising your trips and don't want to spend extortionate tourist prices. I should know, as living in a tourist town myself, there are places us residents never frequent as they are priced exorbitantly high for travellers. This book explains the hidden secrets of the locals where quite often a place is tucked away and little known. It also provides details of cheap places to stay, and larger more well-known events to attend on a budget. For tightwads as the book refers to the reader.

The worst thing about this book? Couldn't really fault it to be honest.

The most peculiar thing I found in this book is on page 123, Hug Me Stranger. It's a free social gathering originally from Australia that gives away rounds of free hugs on specified days. They even include a website address so you can work out when the next one is due. Apparently it's an attempt to discourage individualism (is that bad?) and break down social inhibitions and it's going down very well over there!

The best thing about Paris Free and Dirt Cheap is that it groups different sections such as "Eating, Drinking and Partying" into further sub groups. For example, Eating with Kids, Late Night Dining, Snacks, Foreign Foods. It also tell you how much on average you'd be expected to pay, if not free, and the sort of people it caters to. Splattered across the book are extra local tips. For example, French cuisine is still more expensive than food obtained from international restaurants.

In addition to cheap there are sometimes extra headings like "Always Free" and "Worth the Extra Splurge" for places that are not so cheap but if you are looking for that special extra something while you are there, the author offers suggestions.

Finally, each section is rounded off with the necessary maps needed to find these locations, and a full page black and white picture.

A very thorough book and all that's left now is for me to convince my old man that we need to pop over to Paris and try a few of these free and dirt cheap attractions!

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