Character Interview | Janet from Tasting Leon's Mark | Laura Tolomei -

Character Interview | Janet from Tasting Leon's Mark | Laura Tolomei


The world is full of hunters and their prey. But some prey can become hunters themselves while others have hidden claws. Not always surrendering is one alternative for the weak. Surprisingly, such a choice can make life very interesting. It can create new connections or balance pre-existing ones.

So, will Sean accept anything for another taste of Leon? 

Today I'd like to welcome Janet from Tasting Leon's Mark, a book written by Laura Tolomei. Thanks for joining us at AR Janet.

SB: When did you first discover you were intuitive?
Way back, even before I went to school, I had horrible dreams about people I’d see on the street…well, back then I didn’t realize it was the same people, the ones in the street with the ones in my nightmares. Then growing up, I began having the same weird visions while I was awake like when I went to school, which was really odd, actually, because I’d see a teacher or somebody’s parent and have flashes of them doing something else entirely. Sometimes it didn’t even look like them, only I always knew it was them somehow, so after a while, I simply learned to accept it without questioning it too close.

SB: What happened and where were you at the time?
Gee, the really first time I have a clear memory of it, I was going with my mother to a store or something, and I saw a woman walking with her dog. She was dressed with a sweat suit of some sort, I remember it was gray, but at my second look, she had a red, bright red dress, and she wore lots of jewellery like she was at a party. And instead of a dog, she held a glass full of an amber liquid. For a moment, I even thought I heard music and maybe she even danced with a man, though I don’t remember that part too clearly. Anyway, when I looked again, she was still there, only with her dog and the gray sweat suit. Talk about weird…

SB: What's it like knowing Leon and Sean are reincarnates?
Wow! It’s…amazing to say the least, but not because they were reincarnated. Like I said, I’ve seen other people’s previous lives, so I’ve always known there is more than one life to live, at least for some people. No, what’s really incredible, and I still can’t get over it, is that they actually know about it, even have memories of bits and pieces that belong to those other lives. It’s mind boggling, if only I stop to think of it!

SB: Do you believe you have ever been reincarnated yourself?
I…don’t know, never thought about it really, at least until I met Leon and Sean. Now I’m beginning to think I may be connected to them in some deeper way, like I, too, was a part of those lives somehow, but I have no certainly and no way to prove it either.

SB: Tell me, what are the boys up to while you are here?
Well, since it’s midday of a weekday, they’re probably working and playing their favourite game, chasing each other around the office or getting ready to leave for a very…intimate, sexy lunch break. I know they use their work place as a sort of hunting ground, a place where they tease one another to the spasm until they get so HOT, they just can’t wait to get home and…well, I’m sure I don’t need to say anything more. They’re really too hot for their own good LOL

SB: What about your writer, Laura? Has she ever written you into a corner that was difficult to escape? What did you do?
Absolutely! Boy, Leon asking me to have sex with him and someone I’d never seen in my life BLINDFOLDED, I’d qualify that as a rough spot, no kidding! Can you imagine? The nerve of him! And he didn’t even want to show me a picture, which I’m sure he could’ve dug up somewhere. So I got thinking about all the things you hear or read about, you know women raped or killed because they go with strangers, and for a second, I got really scared. But to be honest, the idea of having one gorgeous man and another, hopefully his equal if not better, completely for me…well, it was thrilling simply to think about it. And then Leon offered the perfect way out of my dilemma when he said:

“Blindfolded as you’ll be, I don’t see what difference it would make,” if Sean’s a monster! 

In the end, I had to admit he was right, but not for the reason he gave me rather…can you imagine someone as gorgeous as him having a steady relationship with someone ugly? And Leon himself didn’t look much like a serial killer in spite of my perception he was a hunter, so I went along with it. But my devious author is still having a ball with my doubts, I bet!

SB: What is the one thing Laura made you do that you felt most uncomfortable with, and what was the outcome?
To have to pretend they both means nothing except as sex toys. That’s what Leon wants me to think of both of them and frankly, it’s getting impossible. I mean, I wouldn’t have any problems with pretending Leon’s doing it only for the sex, then I spot a sparkle, a particular gleam in those incredibly green eyes of his and my heart literally flops to my feet. And the way he touches me, almost protective at times. And when he calls me Kitty with that husky voice of his that sends shivers running up and down my back…well, it makes a girl wonder, doesn’t it? As for Sean, it’s even more difficult to pretend, in spite of his absolute lack of any sign he’d ever care for me.  I guess the real problem is I’m just like all those silly women who think love is only a matter of time and that men will inevitably fall in love with them, especially if they keep coming to their bed, but I should know better. So I try to ignore my devious author’s attempts and tell myself they mean nothing, nothing whatsoever…honest…I swear…

SB: How much do you like the world Laura has built for you?
As long as Leon and Sean are in it, it’s great for me. In fact, any place would be great as long as they’re in it!

SB: If there was one thing you could ask Laura to change in your life what would it be?
That Sean fell in love with me LOL

Quick fire round...

SB: Are you a vegetarian/vegan?
Yes, definitely! And not because I don’t like meat. No, for me it’s a matter of values, of knowing where the world is going and trying to make an effort, even if just a personal one, to make it better. I detest the way mankind treats animals lately, like they were only food rather than live beings that enrich our lives, not to mention that of the planet, so I prefer to avoid eating meat altogether to make it clear I disapprove of it.

SB: What's your favourite Massive Attack Album and song?
I’ve got several favourites, both albums and songs. Let’s start with the first. Protection, 100th Windows, No Protection remixes, Mezzanine, Blue Line, all from the ‘90s, right at their beginning. But I also like their latest CD, Heligoland, just out this year. As for the songs, I simply looooove “Protection”, sung by Tracey Thorn, and of course, “I Want You”, the Marvin Gaye hit sung by Madonna, the one Leon also loves. 

SB: I also have Mezzanine. Massive Attack are a great band!

So, since you work at an auto body repair shop, you must have a car. What car do you drive?
Now this is a tough one. As you know, cars are the farthest things from my mind, so I’d have to go check for the exact model. For sure, it’s a Toyota, a blue old friend from back in the ’90s that Albert keeps in excellent shape thanks to his repeated tune-ups and check-ups. And since it runs like a clock, I see no reason to change it or get a newer one.

SB: What would your dream job be? Maybe if Laura reads this you might get it!
Certainly not Leon’s secretary, not after learning of how he treats them! But in spite of all I’ve said, I’d like to be a top model, just to see what it feels like to have the eyes of so many men staring at me!

SB: Where's your ideal holiday destination?
Somewhere, anywhere with my friend Stella. She makes any holiday great simply by being there with her irony and spark of life. In the past, we’ve taken trips together and it was the best time of my life!

SB: Devonshire cream tea or banger and mash?
Definitely banger and mash!

Okay these are a little more personal, but I just have to ask! We all want to know what the boys are up to...

SB: Now, between you, me and our readers, have you ever thought of moving in with the boys?  Permanently, that is.
Mmmmm…no, the idea hasn’t popped up yet. I mean, sure, I like staying with them on weekends, sleeping between them, their bodies crushing me, but permanently? They keep such tight and different schedules, they practically get to see each other at work or in bed late at nights. So where could I possibly fit in? No, better leave it to the weekends, where at least I’m sure we’ll be together.

SB: What is Leon's most annoying habit?
He’s too commanding!

SB: Does Sean have one too?
He’s perfect…if only he weren’t gay.

SB: We're so jealous of you being part of that trio - what's been the best date so far?
Trio? What trio? It’s a couple who adores each other and sometimes decides to have sex with a third person. That’s the truth of it, so Stella keeps telling me I’m wasting my time on two who aren’t interested in me at all. And the way things are going, she may be right But being with them, even if it’s just in bed, is simply the most delicious thing I’ve ever had, their powerful bodies trapping mine, their hot sexes filling me everywhere and the way they make me come like no one ever before them…just the thought gets me wet all over. Oh, and of course, since all our dates usually end up that way, there is none better than the other. They’re all great.

SB: If you all entered 'Britain's Got Talent' who would win, and how? (And I'm including your writer Laura in this question!)
I don’t know, but for sure, I wouldn’t. Sean might win for his artistic talent, even if with his looks, who needs talent? Leon…hem…if business is a talent, he’d certainly win. But seriously, the real winner would be my author, Laura, because it takes real imagination to make up a story so complicated and with such an unpredictable outcome between two souls that have chased each other forever it seems, then using me, ME, to give them the answer they’ve sought throughout those lives, including this one.

SB: Which of you is most likely to do something daring, like skydiving or white water rafting? You, one of the boys, or your writer Laura? 
That’s easy. It would definitely be Leon, the bravest, most determined man I’ve ever known. He was capable of living in India for two years with practically no money, no food, no nothing except his conviction he had to find someone he didn’t even know existed for sure, simply because his gut instinct told him the special person he had lived with countless lifetimes before was waiting for him somewhere in the world. If that isn’t courage, I don’t know what is.

SB: Fabulous!

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions. I know Laura is keeping you busy with a prequel and other books, so please do thank her for allowing you time out of your busy schedule! 

You can visit my author's website here.  

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