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MICHAEL Goes Psycho! | Movie Talk | Killer Birthday

 The Alfred Hitchcock film masterpiece, Psycho, had it's world premiere in New York City on this day fifty years ago, June 16, 1960. It's United Kingdom premiere was August 4, 1960 in London.
This film still brings shock and fright to audiences, but more for the suspense and tension it painstakingly builds than for any graphic carnage which we now take for granted in movies and even on television.
Psycho was groundbreaking on a cinematic level, and also for the controversies associated with the film. Hitchcock delved into a psychopathic serial killer with mother issues, - is there any other kind? -  Oedipal development, and transvestism. Controversies behind the scenes included battles with censors for showing a nude Janet Leigh in the shower, though viewers never saw any nudity, a toilet heard and shown flushing and the use of the word "transvestite" at the end of the movie.
I first saw the film on television when I was about thirteen or fourteen, and still remember how strongly I was affected by the horror happening in a small, isolated, seemingly innocent place. Anthony Perkins is pitch perfect as the creepy, homicidal Norman Bates, and Janet Leigh's Marion Crane is wonderful as she goes from cold, calculating embezzler to poignant, susceptible victim. Bernard Herrmann's musical score alone heightened the film's drama to nail-biting proportions. And I must admit, seeing the gorgeous Leigh in a bra and slip sent this young teen's already raging hormones into overdrive.
I haven't seen Psycho in years but tonight I will check if I can download it on iTunes and give myself a Hitchcockian treat.

Alfred Hitchcock posing in Psycho

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  1. Sassy, Michael writes a tasty post when he has a mind to.
    Devlin O'Neill's Weblog is always a good read and if you have the time, the threads are great fun.

  2. Hi, Paul, nice to see you here on Sassy's site. Make sure you look around as there are marvelous reviews, interviews, articles and contests here, and best of all Sassy.

  3. Oh, Sassy, don't think I didn't notice your cheeky title for the post - "Michael Goes Psycho!"

  4. Hello Paul,

    Lovely to meet you, thanks for popping by! Yes, Micheal does, I have to admit.

    And as for Devlin, I know him well! But I tend to lurk there LOL Being the shy, retiring person that I am!


  5. Oh dear Michael! And here's me thinking I'd got away with it...

    Great post, thanks - btw!

    and I can spell your name (see above comment) just got my fingers in a bit of a twist! :) Actually my fingers type faster than my brain can handle it...

  6. Hi, Sassy, no problem with the name as I know somedays your brain works at a slow pace. ;)

  7. I can't say if I ever have seen this movie..I know horrible, right


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