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FRIDAY FIND | Follow | Mark Henry and Zombie Love

I found this over at Blodeuedd's place after discovering her fantastic review of this book!

Happy Hour of the Damned by Mark Henry. It's a love story horror all about a zombie girl that only has the stomach for alchohol and human flesh. If I may quote a line from Blodeuedd's review...
"But we do get to see her bite down on people and gnaw on ribs."

What more could I ask for? Thanks Blodeuedd! My bookshelves can hardly take the pressure of coming round to your place! To cap it all--  it's a series. ;) *Happy sigh*

Book Summary:

Alive, ad exec Amanda Feral worked hard to wring enjoyment out of her days. Now that she's a zombie, it's a different story. Turns out, Seattle is home to glamorous undead of every description, and Amanda - stylish and impeccably groomed even in the afterlife - is swigging cocktails and living large (so to speak) among its elite. But there are downsides. Not being able to stomach anything except alcohol and human flesh, for instance. And the fact that someone is targeting Seattle's otherworldly inhabitants for their own sinister reasons. Preying on the undead is seriously uncool. The only option is for Amanda and her zombie BFF Wendy and gorgeous gay vampire pal Gil to unearth the culprit among the legions of Seattle's bloodsuckers, shapeshifters, reapers, succubi, and demons - before they all meet a fate a lot worse than death...

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FRIDAY FIND | Follow | Mark Henry and Zombie Love FRIDAY FIND | Follow | Mark Henry and Zombie Love Reviewed by Sassy Brit on 11:30 am Rating: 5


  1. Haha, it is a freaky book that cannot be missed ;)

  2. Hi there! Stopping through on the hop! Thanks for "hopping" by my site glad to have you on board...slightly pressed for time today, but in the words of Arnold "I'll be back" around your blog that is... ^_^ Have a great weekend and happy reading!

  3. Just "hopping" by to say HI! Looking forward to reading your reviews :D

    Have a great weekend!

    Vanessa :D
    {Don't forget to check out our NEW bookish Vlog! Thanks!!}
    Book ♥ Soulmates

  4. Hopping by from Book Blogger hop =)

    Happy Friday Hop!

    your blog looks awesome!


  5. Wow! Now this is what I call good reads! Glad I found you on the Crazy For Books Blog Hop. Love your blog.


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