WRITING CONTESTS: This week's listing...

Welcome to this week's AR writing competition listing where I surf the net for poetry, non-fiction, scriptwriting and fiction writing competitions - so you don't have to! Each link is a direct link to the competition page. Have fun and remember to check all the rules and regulations before parting with any entry fees, should they be required. If you have any queries, please contact the organiser. Thank you!

Closes 20th June 2010 - Cinnamon Press

Closes 26th June 2010 - M Amann Literary Agent
In Association with Little Acorn Press
Unpublished Authors Short Story Competition - Two categories

Closes 26th June 2010 - M Amann Literary Agent
In Association with Little Acorn Press
Young Authors Short Story and Poetry Competition - Two categories

Closes 30th June 2010 - Meridian Writing

Closes  30th June 2010 - The Royal Society of Literature
The V.S. Pritchett Memorial Prize

Closes 16th July 2010 - Santa Fe Writers
The 2010 Literary Awards Programme

Closes 18th July 2010 - 100wordsorfewer
One Hundred Words or Fewer Writing Contest

Closes 23rd July 2010 - Coolitschools.com

Closes 30th July 2010 - Windmill Women Writers

Closes 31st July 2010 - Aversion Writing Competition

Closes 31st July 2010 - Fountane Book Publishing

Good luck! 

MAY 2010 - Please welcome EVAN MALONEY! our Author in the Spotlight!
WIN Doug and Jackie Christie's Luv-Pons Book! - Ends 4th June 2010
WIN! Paranormal Romance by Teal Ceagh - Ends 24th June 2010


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