BOOK TO FILM NEWS: Who should play the sociopath?

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How about a little love for the boys and girls at New Pulp Press? Our dirty and disreputable little press has been nominated for a Spinetingler award. Do us a favor. Follow the link below and put in a vote for NPP. It'll take you ten seconds.  

More good news. In case you haven't heard, Nate Flexer's novel of nihilism, The Disassembled Man, was optioned by screenwriter/director Ethan Goldman to be made into a film. Read about it here: Film Option. So our question to you is: who should play the sociopath Frankie Avicious? Billy Bob Thornton? Brad Pitt? Dick Cheney?

We'll keep you updated with any more big news from New Pulp Press. Our lineup for 2010 is ridiculously good. Be sure to check us out on the web at Buy our books. Pass them on to loved ones and prisoners.   


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