SASSY SUNDAY STORY STARTER: Write a Book with AR! #writegoal #AltRead -

SASSY SUNDAY STORY STARTER: Write a Book with AR! #writegoal #AltRead

This week's Story Starter has been sent in by our Author in the Spotlight, Fiona Robyn, author of THAW which you can read here, each day. Thank you, Fiona for this brilliant contribution!

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What if… you were driving slowly through the dark countryside one night and a small girl stepped out from the woods and stood at the side of the road in front of your car?

Fiona Robyn at AR!

Here are the three PROMPT words for this week:


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Sassy Note:

I thought I'd write a short explanation about the purpose of my Sassy Sunday Story Starter posts. 

Each Sunday I will upload a story first line, paragraph or a "What if...?" prompt and three single prompt words with pictures of their possible meanings, to help get your creative juices flowing.

Quite a few people have asked if I can set any challenges in a way that will be more specific. So, what I propose to do is suggest a few ideas of how to incorporate these prompts into a new work in progress.

#1 My favourite idea is to include all these points:

a) Choose one of the first line prompts and use that as the beginning of your story

b) Then try and fit all three single prompt words into your story in approximately 500 words.

c) Each week, check out the prompts given here, and continue to add the three prompt words ingeniously into your story with an additional amount of at least 500 words until you get to "The End."

The length of story is up to you, novel or short. Entirely up to you.

I've actually tried this out myself last week, but I'm hideously embarressed about sharing it with anyone!

The Big Question. WHY do this each week?

Think about it - writing just a few words each week can increase your productivity and over time can help you to write several short stories, or one novel sized manuscript.  This is work you may never have done otherwise. Doing this could get you one step closer to your end goal of being published if you are an aspiring writer, or another book written, if you are already an author. 

Or it simply just gives you the tools and extra motivation to flex your imagination and writing muscles - purely for fun.

Whatever your reasons, and whatever length you decide upon, for fun, just keep adding the three new words into your work in progress each week until you get to the end!

It won't be perfect, but at least this way you have something written down that you can go back and edit until it is the book you want!

Would you like to suggest a new first line or "What if...?"

If you'd like to send in new first line or "What if...?" story prompts and three single words, please just email me. Email address on blog (if you are reading this through an RSS feed) or above, if you are on the blog already!

If your prompt is used I will link back to you as a way of saying thanks. Whether you are an author with a book site, or a book blogger with a review site, if you'd like a link back just include this in your email. Thank you.

Have fun!

Sassy :)


March 2010 - Please welcome Fiona Robyn our Author in the Spotlight!

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