BOOK EXTRACT: Extasy Books | New series | Laura Tolomei- The Virtus Saga -

BOOK EXTRACT: Extasy Books | New series | Laura Tolomei- The Virtus Saga

Now Available from Extasy Books, a brand new series from Laura Tolomei- The Virtus Saga
The Sex
Book 1
By Laura Tolomei
GENRE: Gay, Fantasy, Paranormal, Adventure, m/m, m/f, m/m/f
RELEASE DATE: March 15th, 2009
PUBLISHER: eXtasy Books
The prince, his lover, his woman, three like the sides of the pyramid they’ve sworn to retrieve if sex, passion and jealousy won’t stand in their way.
Sneak peek into the new series, the first book, THE SEX:
Her breath caught in her throat as she turned around to answer. Like the first time she had seen him, he gave the impression of being too big for the available space, his magnificent body more attractive than ever with the long black strands dripping tiny streaks of water on a bare chest that displayed an impressive set of muscles before narrowing to the waist, wrapped by the blanket. She also could not help felting his heat, but even if temptation to touch him seemed irresistible, she knew better. “Much.” Then she turned to face the fire so she would not have to look at him.
Dropping down on a comfortable carpet, she pretended to stare at the high flames, particularly when he sat right next to her, although she did not need her eyes to feel the powerful energy or the scorching desire trapped in his body, screaming for release. Ironic as it seemed, it was the second time fate had created a sensual opportunity, trapping her in a secluded cabin, alone with a man women dreamed about, and if Sarah Jennings had been in her place, there would have been no trace of a blanket, Ylianor mused, repressing a giggle.
The prince turned to look at her. “Is there something funny you’d like to share?”
“Well, this whole situation is funny. Here I am with a person I thought I’d never see again for the rest of my life, forced to spend another night together.” The hint of a smile curved her lips. “I guess, when you’re back in a girl’s life, you make sure she notices it…even if she’d rather have nothing to do with you.” She made it sound like an afterthought, though her stomach crunched painfully at the obvious lie.
He regarded her coolly, then called her bluff. “My dear, you’re not a prisoner, you know. You’re free to leave whenever you want.”
“Right.” She quipped hotly. “As if I’d ride out in the middle of a storm.”
The black eyes flashed. “I meant when the weather calms down, but I’d be surprised if you did. It must have taken a lot of guts—”
“I’d call it stupidity.”
His eyes flashed in disaccord. “Whatever it was, it mustn’t have been easy to return to Black Rose after how my family treated you, especially considering nothing ties you to the place.”
“Nothing…except the past.”

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