REVIEW: Keeping Her In The Light | Nicole Fuentes | Eternal Press -

REVIEW: Keeping Her In The Light | Nicole Fuentes | Eternal Press

Title: Keeping Her In The Light
Author: Nicole Fuentes
Website of Author:
Website of Publisher:
Genre: Horror/Thriller
Publication date: Nov 2009
eBook ISBN: 978-1-926704-88-3
Print ISBN: 978-1-926704-96-8
Length: 91 Pages
Format: eBook

Reviewer: Clayton Bye

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Allie awakes in darkness, but when the lights come on she wishes they hadn’t. You see, Allie is laying in a room full of corpses. When she is able to overcome the paralysis of shock, she makes her way to the only door in the room: a slim, steel door she fully expects to be locked. It’s not, and when Allie opens it, her voyage into terror really begins.

Her captor is sitting at a table laden with food from which he is partaking. He encourages her to explore his home, warning her it is impossible to escape. Believing him, Allie chooses to sit down at his table. She even dares to ask a few questions: “When are you going to kill me?” and “How are you going to kill me.”

The conversation captures the killer’s imagination and as he thinks of answers to these questions, the nameless and very strange man decides he will use this woman to prove or disprove the existence of The Stockholm Syndrome (then he’ll kill her). Allie has no idea what this syndrome is, so she doesn’t realize her overt behaviour has won her a reprieve from death.

The rest of Nicole Fuentes’ Novella, Keeping Her In The Light, explores the developing relationship between the killer and the captive, who is terrorized, taught and befriended by at least four identifiable personalities. Allie doesn’t know the names of any of these personalities, so she comes up with descriptions: there’s The Clown who loves to horrify; the Stoic (Hector) who only asks questions (designed to teach), The Blank (Miggs) who is the killer and The Gentle One (Vernicus) who is Allie’s friend,

But the real significance of the relationship(s) between captive and captor is based on a metaphor plainly illustrated by the title and which is explained indirectly as the novella progresses. Keeping Her In The Light is a clever little story from first timer Nicole Fuentes. She caught me at the beginning and didn’t let go until the end. Kudos are in order.

Copyright © Clayton Clifford Bye 2010

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REVIEW: Keeping Her In The Light | Nicole Fuentes | Eternal Press REVIEW: Keeping Her In The Light | Nicole Fuentes | Eternal Press Reviewed by Clayton Bye on 3:41 pm Rating: 5

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