SASSY SUNDAY STORY STARTER: Inspiring prompts galore!

Welcome to today's "Story Starter" a writing prompt sent in by an author or reader of AR! This prompt has been brought to you by Ryshia Kennie - what is it that's laying beside the diamond ring?

Rachel gasped and yanked off her sunglasses as if that would change the truth.   For it wasn’t the diamond ring lying on top of the wind-hardened snow bank that shocked her but what lay beside it.  She couldn’t breath as the mid-day prairie sun blinded her and all her lost dreams came rushing back.         

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!!
Hope you have a romantic time! 
Any special "will you marry me?" announcements to make? 
I'd love to hear if you were proposed to, or you proposed! 
But then I am nosy... 

It happened to me, many, many moons ago, and on Valentines Day, too.  
Sigh. Those were the days! LOL 
Nowadays he's more likely to go out fishing for the day - 
that is what he has planned! 
Peace and quiet all round. 


:) The "Inside Story" by Sassy Brit and her Gang!
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  1. Hi Sassy
    Happy Valentine's Day :)

    We took it easy and went out for pizza (stupid pizza made my tummy upset, poor bf), as for proposing, doubt I will ever get proposed too. How sad, but true

  2. Hi Sassy, you were proposed to on V-Day...oh, be still my romantic heart!!! I was proposed to on Xmas day. Hubby had a few things planned this V-day but me needing to go to the emergency doctor scrambled with his plans :( Now he makes due with what is at home and we have a nice get-to-gether at the dining table with candlelight. Plus the relief the emergency wasn't all that emergency ;)

    Have a romance filled V-day!


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