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Title: Sea Captain’s Ghost
Author: Frances Stockton
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Genre: Historical Romance/Paranormal
Publication date: November 2009
ISBN -13: 9781419923647
Length: 235 pages
Format: eBook
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Reviewer: Clayton Clifford Bye

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Headstrong Jocelyn Kincaid has posed as her brother and captained her father’s ship down the coastline of The Colonies in hopes of saving his shipping business. Things do not turn out that way. Jocelyn’s ship, The Emerald, is captured by the pirate Skelton Reed and she is revealed as a woman. About to be put to death, she casts her thoughts away, pleading for help. And she is heard.

Captain Don Adriano De Montoya, otherwise known as El Fantasma or The Ghost, hears her thoughts and comes to her rescue. Alas, her ship is lost in the battle and with it her father’s business and her reputation. But this is only the beginning of her problems...

Adriano Montoya is an Abcynian, part of a race of long-lived shapeshifters. In using some of he and his crew’s special abilities to rescue and heal Jocelyn, Adriano turns her into a half-breed. It also turns out that the reason he heard Jocelyn’s plea (and she heard his own prayer for redemption earlier in the day) is that they are natural mates, considered automatically married upon sharing thoughts.

The rest of the story revolves around Adriano’s pursuit of his nemesis, the man responsible for the death of his mother and his first wife. His desire for revenge eventually separates him from his new lover, placing her in great danger and causing him to reconsider what’s really important to him.

Sea Captain’s Ghost should be a joy for readers of historical romance and for those who like swashbucklers. Frances Stockton develops interesting characters, mixes solid story with steamy sex and adds just enough conflict to keep you turning pages. Her descriptions are vivid and the writing, in general, doesn’t get in the way of the reader.

There is very little to criticize with respect to Sea Captain’s Ghost: Stockton drops the reader right into the middle of conflict & action (a good thing), but not having read the previous two books in the series, I floundered during the first few pages. I also found the repetition of the words roar, roared, etc. early on in the book, somewhat irritating. There were also a few spelling errors near the end of the book.

I quite enjoyed the read.

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