REVIEW: Finding Chandler | The Solitary Knights of Pelham Bay Bk 1 | Claire Thompson

Title: Finding Chandler | The Solitary Knights of Pelham Bay Bk 1
Author: Claire Thompson
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Genre: M/M Romance
Publication Date: 2009
Length: Novella
Format: eBook
Reviewer: WitchGiggles

When Drew Kensington first offered the challenge to the members of the Solitary Knights, he wasn't sure if any of them would take it up, but his words struck a chord in Eric Moore's memory. Did he have the guts to find the man he'd left behind twenty years before and if he found him, could they make a fresh start or had Chandler stopped waiting for him at long last.

Chandler wasn't the same "heart on the sleeve" lover that Eric had taken such gross advantage of so many years before and wasn't about to risk his heart another time on a man who'd proved faithless in so many ways.

In this series Claire Thompson has written a story of what it might take to start over again with a lover from the past. If you're expecting a Happy Ever After or even a Happy For Now it ain't happening. What is happening is an incredibly realistic, intense, worthwhile story of a new Hopeful Beginning- after all real stories never end- do they? Kudos for making it what it should be.

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