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EXCERPT: ABBADON - Romantica/Paranormal/Angels/Demons

It's hell when you're exiled to Abbadon and are separated from your beloved. The continuing adventures of Samael and Seriel, who both adore Malkura, but which angelic brother will finally win her love? 

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Abbadon: Book Two of The Angelic Chronicles
ISBN: 978-1-4257-9865-9
Cover: by Fantisa Petrou, Fantasy Artist and Graphic Designer
Word Count: 117,000+


"Cease irritating me, Manah! You have an annoying response to every thought I convey. I do not believe Malkura has gone from my domain and I have ordered several angels to be stationed beside the boundary so that they can stop my siblings from reaching it." Samael folded his arms across his chest. "I am the Lord of Abbadon and my perception of what happens here is more adept than yours."

Manah dared, "I think you are wrong, my lord. Lady Malkura will be in Lord Michael's domain by now."

Pure fury distorted Samael's handsome face. He unfolded his arms and banged his fists down hard on the arms of the jasper chair. "If that is so, I can make her return swiftly to me. I shall send her a message, telling what I will do to you if she does not come back."

An expression of alarm crossed the angel's face, but she bravely answered, "I do not believe you will harm me. You know my mistress would loathe you if you did such an evil deed."

"What I have decided upon will motivate her into a speedy return." He moved to the edge of the seat and leaned close to Manah. His thought-words were barely more than a whisper. "I shall threaten to take you to a place where true Chaos can be accessed. If I thrust you into that dark void, your body and even your soul will exist no more. Angel Manah will become what is not and, thus, she will be gone forever."

The pure essence angel pushed herself back from his menacing proximity. She looked horrified, but her answering thoughts were steady: "You are truly diabolical to suggest that intention. However, it is a hollow threat. No such place exists within the life force spiral. No one has ever passed into true Chaos."

A harsh thought-laugh expelled from Samael. "You are mistaken, angel. That access location is at the very edge of my domain. I and Seriel discovered it. He will assure Malkura that it is possible for me to destroy you."

"I think you are endeavoring to frighten me with these untruths. You seem to enjoy intimidating those who do not revere you."

Samael jumped up from his chair and manifested a cloak around his body. He declared, "I shall prove to you that place exists!" He pulled Manah up roughly from the floor, bent down for her cloak and wrapped it under her wings and up over her shoulders. As he fastened the chain at her throat, he invited, "Come, I shall show it to you." He held her arm and asked his crystal wand to take them to the extreme end of Abbadon.

They quickly arrived at the place where Samael and Seriel had previously stood. The first archangel pointed to the wall of darkness that lay a short distance in front of them and declared:

"There is the Abyss of Chaos. It is intensely cold and will devour every particle of your being if you enter it."

Manah appeared transfixed by the sight of the unknown void before her. She shivered and asked, "How do you know that whoever enters there becomes what is not?"

"Watch what I do, angel." Samael manifested a small round object in his left hand and pitched it into the Abyss. "Did you see how the darkness swallowed up the plaything? It is gone and I cannot make it return to me."

The angel looked at her captor and stated, "But that was an etheric object. We are much more than the things we manifest because we have souls. How can you be sure that an angel, or even an archangel, would be no more by stepping into that void?"

Samael released his hold on Manah and held his right arm up and in front of her. "Do you see this hand and forearm? I placed my hand into true Chaos and the darkness began to creep up my arm, pulling me further into its depth. I had to use great strength to free myself. When I did so my hand and most of my forearm were gone as though never having been formed. If my whole body had entered the darkness, my soul would have also been taken there and I would be no more. If our souls are destroyed, we do not exist."

"But your arm is whole now. Why should I believe that you placed it inside the Abyss?"

"I communed with the Source inside Seriel's standing crystal and our parent restored what true Chaos had claimed."

Manah looked away from his arm and back at the Abyss. Then she suddenly charged forward. Samael realized the angel was running toward her destruction and with lightning speed he sprinted after her. Just as she reached the freezing gloom, he grabbed at Manah's long hair with both hands and jerked her backwards. She fell against him and expelled a thought-scream.

"What are you doing, angel? Are you mad?" He encircled her waist with his arms and dragged her further away from the dark, menacing wall. "You would not exist now if I had not stopped you."

"And Lady Malkura would have no reason to return to you. She would not have to comply with your new proposal." The angel began to struggle against his hold on her. "You must not prevent me from doing what I intend."

"I am entitled to do so." Samael tightened his grip around her and silently yelled at his light wand to return them to the meeting chamber.

Instantly they were there and the first archangel moved his hands from the angel's waist to her shoulders. He spun her round to face him and declared, "You are impetuous and imprudent, Angel Manah. I am certain my sister would be overwhelmed with grief if you had destroyed yourself."

"Yet you would threaten to cast me into true Chaos." Manah began to tremble and shudder and her eyelids fluttered.

Samael slowly propelled her backwards toward his jasper chair. He eased the angel into it and stated, "Sit here for a while. The terrible cold and realization of what you almost accomplished is affecting you." He removed his cloak, tucked it around Manah's legs and stooped down next to her. "Is that easing your discomfort?"

Between one shuddering attack and the next Manah gave him a wan smile and offered, "Who would believe the evil Lord of Abbadon could act so kindly? Thank you, my lord, but you should have allowed me to become what is not."

He pushed a lock of the angel's hair back over her shoulder and expressed, "I trust I did not cause you too much pain when I pulled you away from the Abyss? Your hair was the only part of you I could reach." The first archangel drew one of the floor cushions to him and sat down on it. "What you did was very noble, but not well-considered. You must hold more love for your essence mistress than for yourself to be willing to sacrifice your angelic life." He gazed off into space. "If only my angels were that loyal."

"Perhaps you have done nothing to earn such loyalty." Manah rested into the cushions and her trembling body slowly relaxed into stillness. Her eyes closed and her thoughts ceased.

Samael sat gazing at this eighth essence being who was causing such a barrage of emotions to assault him. What sorcery was she working on his consciousness? He had never allowed another angel, and not even his brother, to rest in his ornate chair. And yet here he was sitting at her feet in the same servile manner that Lilith and Kokabel always adopted. As a pure essence angel, she possessed a similar nature to the archangel from whom she had sprung. Nevertheless, she was not Malkura so why was he now behaving toward her as dutifully as if she was? The first archangel shook his head in disbelief and silently berated his uncharacteristic conduct. He told himself he should stand up and make Manah sit on the cushion. Yet Samael felt so at ease where he was that he decided not to reposition himself.

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