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CALL FOR SUBS: Shadowfire Press | Contains Adult Excerpts

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Coming February 5th

Eight Heads, Eight Legs by K. R. Jones
Genre: Science Fiction
Heat Rating: Zero Fire
Length: 18,000 / 58 pages approximate
Price: $3.75

Katrina thought she understood the alien Grok.... Unfortunately she was wrong.  Very wrong.

Katrina and her scientists had come to Carweckan-4 to study and preserve the highly intelligent, gentle giants she called the Grok. Unfortunately for Katrina and her team, the Eight Cycle of the Light Giver was at hand. The Grak were coming and the Grok were terrified and Katrina and her scientists were about to discover just how wrong they were about the natives of Carwrekan-4.

"We've got a problem down here, Doctor Reinke, an eight-legged problem and its stinking something fierce."

She blinked the sweat out of her dark eyes and brushed back her too long black hair. It was long past time she gave up on her currently stylish "hair of the people" and got a practical cut. As usual she was busy filling out official forms. Union Science Team 56-248-4668-XT-91-Nearside-
128838-2-Carweckan-4 was like any other Union function; it required daily official reports to the multiple layers of advisors and auditors that made sure the Union functioned in accordance with all appropriate directives, standards and practices. As the Director of Operations she was required to initial every page, sign off on every report, maintain a hardcopy file for seven years and then swear that the data-cube copy was identical to the originals before the cube and its many copies entered the ever-changing number of electronic chains above her. The fact that the certified cube wouldn't be carried back to its first recipients for at least twelve months didn't matter a bit. It had to be done and it had to be done on schedule whether it was read or not. She tried to get the reports done in the relative cool of the early day and then engage in the research her three PhDs said she was uniquely qualified to do. Her real work was important, a crusade for knowledge and justice for a non-human intelligent species.

Of the hundreds of inhabitable worlds on the Nearside and the thousands of worlds on the Farside visited by humans, only Carweckan still had its dominant form of life in place. The Yankees had written off the system as a "Car Wreck."  She considered the Yankees to be little better than pirates, but the pirates always seemed to beat the Union to every prize. One of their so-called Explorer Captains had been quoted openly "First to the table, take the best and leave the rest." The Grok-click-clack-click-clack-
slither was the first dominant species that the Yankees had not destroyed or caged for their entertainment or profit before the Union got on the scene. By being useless they had survived and Carweckan escaped being plundered the Yankees.

Even more amazing, the Grok were highly intelligent and unique. They lived in an almost totally peaceful, cooperative society where every individual Grok instinctively knew its place and function. As she had exclaimed in a glowing Net Cast documentary, "We could learn a lot from them!"

Katrina Reinke came to Carweckan to learn. But first she had to undo some left over human-centricism. When she had arrived, the most pleasant common term for the creatures was "Spiders" because the creatures had eight legs. She had tried to enforce the multiple phonetic sounds the Grok made, but she settled on the abbreviated first sound, "Grok." Even now the blue berets supposedly guarding her and her scientists constantly made references to the Grok as eight legged problems.

She stood up. Her blouse and pants stuck to her skin, but she was not about to introduce air-conditioning or even worse weather control. That was a Yankee approach. She was a naturalist and could live with discomfort.

She had to wipe her eyes three times as she made it down the poorly lit stairs to the Grok receiving area on the ground floor. The distinct smell of the Grok told her that it was very upset about something. The smell said this was worse than a violation of some ancient Grok path of moving or placing some obstruction in some place that had long been empty. The Grok did not like change. No this was a smell that implied something far more disturbing.

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Coming February 5th

The Vampire Next Door by Katica Locke
Book One of the Surburban Fantasy series
Genre: Urban Fantasy m/m Erotic Romance
Heat Rating: Fire
Warnings: GLBT m/m
Length: 18,600 words / ?? pages
Price: $3.75

When his handsome new neighbor turns out to be a vampire, Simon has only one choice--to kill him. Or is there another option?

Simon is happy to be an average guy, living an average life in a quiet suburb. Then Julian moves into the house next door. Charming, gorgeous, irresistible, Julian is the man of Simon's dreams...or perhaps his nightmares. He doesn't understand why being alone with Julian fills him unease, or why such an irrational fear would be so exciting. After allowing himself to be seduced, Simon discovers Julian's secret--Julian is a vampire.

Though Julian swears that he won't hurt Simon, that he's not that kind of vampire, Simon can't see beyond the fangs. Fearing for his life, his choice is simple: kill Julian before Julian can kill him. Of course, that's easier said than done.

Simon shed his clothes, wishing he had something clean to put on as he lay them beside the towel on the counter. He raised his eyes to the mirror hanging on the wall opposite the shower, grinning at himself as he struck a provocative pose. Maybe he wouldn't put his sweaty T-shirt and sweat pants back on. Maybe he'd walk out there stark naked. He bet Julian wouldn't be expecting that.

He turned on the water, fiddling with the knobs until it was just the right temperature--hot.. He groaned in delight as he stepped into the near-scalding spray and pulled the shower curtain closed behind him. The water beat against his skin, a delicious stinging that sent a shudder through his body. God, he loved a good shower.

A knock at the door made him jump, and before he could respond, he heard the door open.

"It's just me," Julian said, his shadow sliding across the curtain as he walked into the small bathroom.

"What is it?" Simon asked. "Is something wrong?"

"No, nothing's wrong," Julian said, and Simon took a startled step backward as the shower curtain slid aside and Julian stepped into the shower. "Oh, that's hot," he said, stiffening as the water poured over his shoulders and ran down his body, but he didn't turn the heat down. Simon stared, his mouth hanging open, as Julian turned a slow circle in the spray, wetting every inch of that alabaster skin until he gleamed like polished marble. As he turned to face Simon again, he ran his hands back over his hair and grinned.

"What's the matter?" he asked. "You look like you've never showered with a guy before."

"No, I-- I just--You surprised me," Simon stammered.

"A good surprised, I hope," Julian said, taking a step toward him. Simon had to fight against the urge to back away. He didn't understand that. Julian wasn't threatening, not in word or deed. He was warm and charming--a little odd, perhaps, but nothing that justified Simon's strong and sudden desire to run. It didn't make any sense. He licked his dry lips and pushed it aside, trying to ignore the way his stomach fluttered as he took a step forward to meet Julian.

"Very good," he murmured, finally allowing his gaze to slide down Julian's body and appreciate his cock. It was as pale and finely formed as the rest of him, the head a barely blushing rose, and Simon daringly reached out and wrapped his hand around the shaft, giving it a slow stroke as he raised his eyes back to Julian's. Julian made a sound low in his throat and the hair on the back of Simon's neck stood on end, but he paid it no mind, his own cock stiffening as he felt Julian harden in his hand.

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Shadowfire Press is in need of quality erotic romance submissions in all genres.  We are especially interested in shapeshifters/weres, vampires, other paranormal beings (angels, psychics and witches) as well as contemporary, historical and interracial/multicultural titles.

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