REVIEW: Tag! You're Writ by Drea Riley, Laura Guevara, Jeanie Johnson & Jayha Leigh | Beautiful Trouble Publishing

Title: Tag! You're Writ
Author: Drea Riley and Laura Guevara, Jeanie Johnson and Jayha Leigh
Publisher: Beautiful Trouble Publishing
Genre: IR, BBW Erotic Romance
Publication Date: October 2009
Length: 210 Pages
Format: eBook
Reviewer: WitchGiggles

Tag! You're Writ- noun- an informal writing challenge that involves at least two authors. The first author writes a short story and "tags" the second author. The next author then writes a story "tagging" off of a character, theme, or something else and incorporates it in a story that they pen.

It's All Fun and Games until Someone Falls in Love Drea Riley and Laura Guevara

When Mami decides to let Jonica know that she's been hospitalized, it's all she can do to get out of her office without a total freak out, especially when she finds out how long her mother has kept her in the dark. But it's her mom's doc who really has her panties in a bunch. Not only was Zeke enough to give the word "drool" new meaning, but it seemed he was interested in her.

Jonica's sister-by-love, Rachel has her hands full while Jonica deals with the medical emergency in her family. Although she usually only deals in the front office of the complex, she's more than capable of handling the entire operation; well, with the exception of the new guy in the crew. No matter how hard she tries, she just can't get Rob to even speak to her. Rachel can't decide if she wants to kick him or kiss him. Maybe she ought to do both.

Hotter than the Hates of Elle Jeanie Johnson and Jayha Leigh

An anomaly, because although she has a PhD, M. Elle Hamilton is much happier working in the crow's nest of an oil derrick than in an office. The first thing people learn is not to invade Elle's space, the second is that at six feet one inch and two hundred five pounds, Elle has no problem "moving" those who disregard rule one. After all she was taught by the best how to get her point across. Besides she's got her sister Chaos-ex Marine and SWAT- to stand her back. Now if she could just get that miserable Luxembourg dweeb to stop aggravating her, things would be better all round.

Although he's got money heavily invested in the company Elle works for, Marius Ermenrich has been unable to get her to speak to him; unless you count the first time they met and that cost him pain in spades. He's not used to being ignored by anyone, but especially women.

This is the first time I've read anything by these authors and I must say that I enjoyed it tremendously. Within these works you won't find pretty speeches by the men and women who though strong are unassuming in nature. What you will find are smart women who "take no prisoners and give no quarter" and stronger men who let them be themselves (and take pride in it). This work has a distinct style and flavor that appeals to the witch in me, while the strong values of family, friends and depth of self-worth are shouted to the rafters. It's nice to find women who are atypical of the usual "Barbie" syndrome and seem more like the people we see every day. The descriptives used painted such vivid pictures that I was shouting with laughter one moment and fanning myself the next to cool down. I must read more by these talented writers. The "Inside Story" by Sassy Brit and her Gang!
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