REVIEW: Murder in Los Lobos ~ Sue McGinty ~ Fithian Press ~ Mystery -

REVIEW: Murder in Los Lobos ~ Sue McGinty ~ Fithian Press ~ Mystery

Title: Murder in Los Lobos: A Bella Kowalski Mystery
Author: Sue McGinty
Website of Publisher:
Genre: Mystery
Publication date: 2008
ISBN -13: 978-1-56474-477-7; I
SBN -10: 1-56474-477-9
Length: 215 pages
Format: Paperback
Reviewer: Lucille P Robinson

Bella Kowalski, ex-nun and obituary editor for the Central Coast Chronicle, gets a phone 
call about a possible sewer plant being built in Los Lobos despite the fact that she writes 
obits and not articles. She doesn't want to see the Mercado home being replaced by a 
sewer plant even though the remaining family wants to sell the land for it. 
When the sister of the Mercado brothers is found with a bullet in her head, a string of events
 involve Bella and her ex-cop husband, Mike. It's not like Bella and Mike have a perfect 
marriage, but suspicion for the Mercado woman's death and the fact she was pregnant fills 
Bella's mind even though she tries to ignore the piece of rumor here and there that makes 
her think Mike is involved. Bella actively steps up against the sewer plant idea and the 
managing editor of CCC has told her to back off, stay neutral, or else lose her job. Bella tries, 
but the murderer has other ideas and seems to be killing off anyone who gets in the way.
Murder in Los Lobos is Sue McGinty's first novel. Any reader who likes Agatha Christie will enjoy this 'who-done-it'. Cleverly hidden clues, rationed out in a well-developed plot line, keeps the reader guessing who the murderer is until the very end. Descriptions of Los Lobos are exciting and well-written. Readers should check out Sue's short stories which can be  found by Googling 'Sue McGinty' I'm sure.

Mysteries are my favorites because I get to look for clues and follow whoever is trying to investigate and solve the murder(s). Murder in Los Lobos is a fine story and the first in a series. Keep your eyes opened for the next Bella Kowalski Mystery.

Author Bio:
Sue McGinty, a former technical writer, lives in the California coastal community of Los Osos in a home filled with shelves of mysteries and several feline friends. She'd love a dog like Bella's buddy Sam, but fears reprisals from Mama Cat, a.k.a. The Shredder. Sue's short fiction has been featured in three Central Coast Mystery Writer anthologies. Murder in Los Lobos is her first mystery novel.
REVIEW: Murder in Los Lobos ~ Sue McGinty ~ Fithian Press ~ Mystery REVIEW: Murder in Los Lobos ~ Sue McGinty ~ Fithian Press ~ Mystery Reviewed by Lucille on 11:50 pm Rating: 5

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