READING CHALLENGE 2010: 100 Books+ Reading Challenge with J-Kaye

Here are the books I have read so far this year: 

1. Crystal Companions; The Use of the Mineral Kingdom Within Modern-Day Metaphysics - Marion Webb-De Sisto- Review here! Tuesday, 19th Jan 2010.

2. Crystal Skulls: Emissaries of Healing and Sacred Wisdom | Marion Webb De Sisto - Review here! Tuesday, 19th Jan 2010.

3. South Crop Forest | Lorne Rothman | Review here! Wednesday, 20th Jan 2010.

4. Stolen | Lucy Christopher | The Chicken House | Review here! Saturday, 23rd Jan 2010

5. Fallen | Lauren Kate | Doubleday | Review here! Friday, 29th Jan 2010 

6. Love Writing: How to Make Money Writing Romantic or Erotic Fiction | Sue Moorcroft
Accent Press UK | Review here! Friday, 19th Feb 2010

7. As I was Cutting and Other Nastiness | L.V. Rautenbaumgrabner | New Pulp Press. Review here! Monday, 22nd Feb 2010. 

Challenge begins January 1st thru December, 2010. I'm signing up for a few challenges due to start in 2010 and this one looks good because it will also help me with my own personal challenges! So, please excuse an empty blog post, because I have to publish this to get a link to join up. :) Interested?  Click here to join! The "Inside Story" by Sassy Brit and her Gang!
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  1. Hi Sassy Brit,
    Thanks for stopping by at my blog! I like your place a lot and I've put it on my blogroll.
    I'm thinking of joining this 100 Books Challenge too, but I'm not sure if I should. I sure would be a challenge!

  2. Thanks, Janna!

    Oh, go on. 12 months...100 books...that's... ?

    *pulling off socks to count her toes*


  3. Welcome to 100+ Reading Challenges. I am so glad you have decided to join us in the fun. 2010 is going to be a great year in reading. I can just feel it!

  4. Thanks for your support! I can't wait to start 2010 with a new reading list. :)


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