PROMO: Hell Dogs Squadron:Touch and Go by AR Moler (M/M)

Hell Dogs Squadron: Touch and Go
by A.R. Moler

Navy F/A-18 pilot Lt. Cameron Bradshaw juggles a second government job in addition to his military commitments. He's a psychic finder for a mysterious agency known as Division P. Just as he is beginning another assignment for Division P, he is the victim of a nearly lethal motorcycle accident.

If not for the talents of a gifted healer by the name of Dr. Mason Flynn, it is doubtful the Lt. would have survived. As the slow process of recovery begins, Mason Flynn is drawn to the injured pilot. A mix of shared psychic talents and physical attraction is slowly binding them together. But when Cam's roommate is murdered, the pilot's life may be in danger yet again

Play-Doh, Legos & Stoichiometry

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