BOOK EXCERPT: ADULTS! "Condor One" Excerpt from Dreamspinner Press-male/male erotica XXX rated Excerpt

The story of the first out gay President of the United States and the eventual love of his life, his personal Secret Service Agent.

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As I closed the bedroom door I said, "Damn, Shane, do you have any idea how sexy you look right now?"

"Why, Mr. President, I thought you said I always look sexy?"
"Yeah, but never more so than when you're naked."
I began to remove my clothes as Shane watched me take off each piece. By the time I was down to my Calvin's, I had a hard on that craved attention from the sexy man in my bed. I slipped off my shorts, freeing my cock for Shane's hungry gaze. He pulled back the covers and I got into bed with him. Our lips locked tightly as we embraced; our naked bodies clung to each other in such a way that I never wanted them parted. As we kissed, my hand went down his body rubbing his hard cock and balls. I wanted him badly and I knew what I needed. I kicked the covers off, exposing our bodies to the firelight that came from the bedroom fireplace. I licked and sucked my way down Shane's body and when I reached his cock, I wasted no time; I took him in one swift action. Shane let out a little moan of pleasure as I began to slowly suck his beautiful dick while fondling his balls. His cock was smooth and hard and I paid the attention to it that it deserved.

I could have spent all night between his legs, but I knew that would be hard to do without coming all over myself.Shane pushed my head off his cock and pulled me up to his face where we kissed once more. He then flipped me over and began to run his tongue down my back, licking as he went. He did not stop when he reached my ass and in fact parted my ass cheeks and gave me that special pleasure that made fireworks go off in my head.

With an expert tongue, Shane worked my asshole over time and time again, setting all the nerve endings on fire with his skill. I found myself shoving my ass up into his probing tongue, wanting his entire head up my ass.

"Would you consider letting me fuck your gorgeous ass, David?"

This was what I wanted so rarely, but I wanted it with all my heart from this man. "Only if you promise to make it a good long fuck," I replied.

"I think I can manage that with great pleasure."

He drove his tongue back into my hole with even more eagerness this time. I felt myself open up like a lotus blossom waiting for the stem to be inserted. Shane got out of bed and went to
the bag where he kept his nine-millimeter Glock in when he wasn't carrying it,and pulled out a tube of lube and several rubbers. When I noticed the number of rubbers he had, I said, "Well, you certainly have confidence now, don't you?"

He laughed and said, "You never know how many of these things you're gonna need and I don't want to leave your bed again."

Before he could put one on, I began to suck his prick once again. I loved the feel and taste of his manhood and would have been happy if I was unable to possess any other man's dick the rest of my life.

He pulled out of my mouth and I felt like an infant whose mother had just pulled away her teat. Shane put on a rubber and a lot of lube while working a generous amount into my waiting hole. He spent a couple of minutes finger fucking me, making sure I was loose enough to take his nice sized cock.

"Are you ready?"

"I think I've been ready since I first laid eyes on you, stud, now take care of business."

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