Hi all,

I wanted to share some exciting news. This month is the first-year anniversary of FIREFLY ISLAND, my epic fantasy novel. On August 15th, it'll be a year since FIREFLY ISLAND was published.

For this event, I'd like to publish stories from FIREFLY ISLAND readers. Send me a message or email ( with your "Firefly Island story". Tell me how you found the book, how you felt about it, or any interesting anecdote. On August 15th, I'll publish the three best stories on my website.

The people who sent these best stories will win a prize -- an exclusive look at a new, unpublished FIREFLY ISLAND "prequel" story.

If you haven't read FIREFLY ISLAND yet, you can read the first chapter for FREE here:, possibly the most popular website for fantasy novels, highly recommended FIREFLY ISLAND and called it "a very promising debut".
You can read more reviews at

I hope to hear from you soon!

Daniel Arenson

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