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I've Moved!


I've recently noticed that I am still getting a lot of hits on this site, but I've moved! It was a big decision, but I really love my new home on WordPress, it's more intuitive and just suits my needs so much better. I'm still redesigning, but that's half the fun. i don't think I'll ever stop tinkering with it.

Please find my new blog home here: http://alternative-read.com

Luv Sassy

P.S.  Visit my Amazon reviewer profile here: http://bit.ly/MyAmazonReviews  and browse my books over at Goodreads!

P.P.S Feeling lucky?  I've always got a contest on the go... here are my 2017 giveaways. http://bit.ly/giveaways2017

P.P.P.S  Just one more thing (yes, I'm doing my detective Columbo impression!) if you feel like contacting me for any reason, reviews, collaborations, author services-  please do via this form. Thank you! Hope to speak to you, soon.

*I've temporarily put a hold on new book review requests, while I catch up on those I have already waiting to complete. I will re-open again, soon. Meanwhile, your patience in this matter is appreciated. Thank you!* 

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