REVIEW: The Sex; VirtusSaga Bk1 | Laura Tolomei | Extasy Books -

REVIEW: The Sex; VirtusSaga Bk1 | Laura Tolomei | Extasy Books

Publisher: Extasy Books
Genre: Fantasy / Erotica / M/M/F / M/F / Ménage à trois / Paranormal / Series 
ISBN: 978-1-55487-516-0
Format: Ebook
Reviewer: Sassy Brit

When Prince Caldwell returns home to his estate, Black Rose, he is reunited with a woman, Ylianor Meyer, who both he and his best friend, Chris, knew as children. Unbeknown to him, his mother, Sophia once banished the nine-year-old Ylianor from their estate, on account of her mother's affair with her husband. So Ylianor's rather surprising return rouses suspicions of her carrying with her an ulterior motive that may not be in the Prince’s best interest. To complicate matters further, the reading of his father's Will brings more unexpected news and new problems the Prince's way.

Chris, now the Prince's lover, is none too pleased with Ylianor's untimely appearance, nor is he impressed with the way the girl enchants his lover with her beauty. But is Chris worried for the right reasons or is there a darker side to his love, which the Prince is yet to discover?

With a threat to Ylianor's life hanging over her, the Prince decides to take her along on a trip to visit Lord Fairchild. Unaware why Fairchild, the leader of the Council has summoned the boys, the trio are thrown together on a perilous journey of discovery where they must begin to mend their severed connections and awaken special powers before they can finally understand who they are, mind, body and soul.

Laura Tolomei builds a seductive fantasy world rich in detail where the rules of sex and relationships make for an alluring first book of a series. In a setting that fits the characters perfectly, The Sex pledges the continuing insight into a trio who all need each other, but are still learning why.

I liked her occasional use of the contemporary omniscient point of view. In addition, Laura's world building skills made Sendar's feudal-like society with its destructive energy a real treat for this lover of the fantasy genre. If there is one thing I didn't like, it has to be the Prince's name, Duncan. Unfortunately that's my own personal taste and bears little reflection on the author's ability to write a damned good story, which I hasten to add, this is.

I love the characters with their deep-rooted issues, and the hidden gifts they have to learn to use. Where Laura will take this series, I cannot guess, but I know I'll have fun travelling with her characters, as the Prince, Ylianor and Chris discover what their new lives hold in the forthcoming titles. Meanwhile, I'm left chomping at the bit for more, much like the Prince's horse, Fuzeon, until 15th May, when book two is to be released. Not too long to wait, but long enough!

Book 1 The Sex now available
Book 2
The Game – May 15 2010
Book 3
The Festival – July 15 2010
Book 4
The Fitting – September 15 2010
Book 5
The Pledge – November 15 2010
Book 6
The Heat - January 15 2011
Book 7
The Trace – March 15 2011
Book 8
The Guardian – May 15 2011 

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REVIEW: The Sex; VirtusSaga Bk1 | Laura Tolomei | Extasy Books REVIEW: The Sex; VirtusSaga Bk1 | Laura Tolomei | Extasy Books Reviewed by Sassy Brit @ on 2:23 pm Rating: 5


  1. Nice review.
    Sounds like those 3 have quite the journey ahead of them

  2. Thanks, Blodeuedd,

    It does! So much happened I had to be careful not to give away any spoilers. :)

  3. Yep, Blodeuedd, they certainly do and things are only going to get more complicated. Thanks for dropping in, Laura


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