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Here is our guest author, Fiona Robyn's  desk, and her beautiful cat called Fatty! 
The candle was given to me by my writer friend Esther, and I light a tea-light before I start writing. My cat Fatty is often around when I’m at my desk, and sometimes he tries to interrupt by patting at my hands with his paw. This means ‘stroke me!’. I can see a huge walnut tree from my desk, and it’s always full of birds. I’m a minimalist, which is just as well, as it’s a very small desk!

SB: Awwwww! How can someone so cute be called Fatty? LOL

FR: When he was a kitten, the vet told us he was a little overweight. He tells me it’s just extra fluffy fur around his belly now, but I’m not so sure…

SB: A minimalist by choice? Or because it's a small desk?

FR: Both! It is a very small desk, and so it’s just as well I’m a natural minimalist. Just enough room for my bright red laptop.

SB: How does one start being a minimalist? I so love the idea, but *looks around my office* just would not know where to start. I never throw anything away and even if I tried, I can't get to the stuff I want to throw away because there's too much clutter!

FR: My rule is that if I haven’t used it in a year, I probably never will – chuck it, recycle it, or give it away! I like things to be ‘of use’, and so if there’s an object I’m not using (thinking it looks beautiful is a way of using it) I try to give it away to someone who will appreciate it more. I also like the look of uncluttered space – it helps me to feel calm. How to begin – choose a tiny corner, and try not to panic!

SB: Oh, now that sounds easy. Might, no, I will, give it a go. I need to be able to get into my office without breaking a leg each time and I'm starting to feel very hemmed in, once I've made it to my seat. 

By the way, the walnut tree sounds lovely. I have to admit immediately I am singing that song...'I had a little nut tree...'


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  1. Great desk, then I do love cats so that might be it ;)

  2. What a great blog concept. I love it. Thanks a bunch.


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