PRODUCT REVIEW: Travalo Rapid Pump Fill Perfume Atomizer Bottle -

PRODUCT REVIEW: Travalo Rapid Pump Fill Perfume Atomizer Bottle

Easy Peasy Travel Atomiser - A Top Pick for Me!

This atomiser is so convenient. I spray myself with perfume every day and I love the fact that this is small, durable and light (12g), and therefore easy to carry in your handbag or pocket. It's 8 cm's long, shaped like a cigar (only smaller, of course) and mine has a lovely sleek satin gold colour finish. Although they do come in different colours. There's a handy see through panel where you can see how much perfume is left (holds 4 mls, which I found to be approximately an amazing 50 prescribed amounts!) and best of all it's easy to fill; it's like refilling a lighter with gas and you only have to remove the perfume bottle's plastic pump cap (where the perfume sprays out) to reveal the nozzle spike. Then push the bottom of the atomiser onto this spike and pump it a few times. Even when mine looks empty it still has some in. Another good point is that this is that this has never leaked, unlike some other atomisers. It is also made from extremely durable and light, recyclable aircraft grade aluminium, patented valve technology which means it is perfectly safe to carry on your person/hand luggage when flying as it stands varying air pressures.

I do wonder what will happen if I change my perfume as this must mix up fragrances for a short while, even when empty the old smell will probably be there, but to be honest, this is not (to me) a huge problem. There are much worse things in the world to worry about, and the strength of the new perfume must quickly overcome the old one. Hardly a problem in my book, I'm not that fussy! But I wanted to say this so that you knew I hadn't tried changing my perfume for this part of the review.

I have to admit the instructions for filling this are rather slim, but it's not rocket science (assuming you are not a rocket scientist) and the lack of instructions kind of amplifies the easiness of it all. They say Travalo is also eco friendly to the planet as 98% of all the parts can be recycled, but to be honest, I can't see myself needing to recycle this, I love it, and happily recommend this atomiser above all others I have tried. And I have tried a few, one of my favourites was a lovely looking glass one, but it leaked, and as you can imagine, although small, it was heavy. This product I can't stop raving about, as you can tell! It's well worth the money, simple to use, it looks good and works better than any other atomiser I have used before. It would make a great gift to anyone who likes to wear perfume, aftershave or cologne. The "Inside Story" by Sassy Brit and her Gang!
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PRODUCT REVIEW: Travalo Rapid Pump Fill Perfume Atomizer Bottle PRODUCT REVIEW: Travalo Rapid Pump Fill Perfume Atomizer Bottle Reviewed by Sassy Brit @ on 1:05 pm Rating: 5

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