Blood Noir by Jesse Fox -

Blood Noir by Jesse Fox

Title: Blood Noir
Author: Jesse Fox
Publisher: Dark Roast Press
Released: July 01, 2009
276 pages
Genre: m/m erotic romance, mystery

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Alex Klein is a successful photographer whose life is about to be torn apart. His long-time lover Harley Scott, a private investigator, knows something is wrong: a woman has been following them for weeks. But it isn’t until Alex takes a job in Seattle that Harley learns just how terrible the advancing storm might be. Can he get to Alex in time to protect him? Or are they both into something so terrifying neither one will survive?

Blood Noir entertains. Jesse Fox writes with confidence, developing characters brimming with life, telling a story with more curves than a corkscrew and enough suspense to keep you madly turning pages. Add in some erotic male on male romance and a dark mystery and, not surprisingly, you have something unique to offer the reading public.

If you’ve never tried non-traditional romance, this is the book to start with. The sex is included only where appropriate for building the story, and it never replaces the main plot line, which is the mystery.

The book isn’t perfect: certain phrases are overused or misused (I think you’ll notice them yourself), and too many of the characters are participants in the actual mystery, leaving the door open for reader disbelief. I found this irritating in a book which is otherwise professionally crafted.

Yet, when the final page was turned, my reaction can honestly be defined as satisfied completion. I would read Jesse Fox again, and I suggest you give Blood Noir a turn on your own bookshelf.

Copyright © Clayton Clifford Bye 2009

Blood Noir by Jesse Fox Blood Noir by Jesse Fox Reviewed by Clayton Bye on 1:43 pm Rating: 5

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