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Why are 300+bloggers advertising THE LIARS DIARY Today?

The trade paperback of The Liars Diary, by Patry Francis, is being released TODAY!

Sadly, along with this exciting news, there comes some serious issues. A few weeks ago, author Patry Francis was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. After several surgeries, I am pleased to say life for Patry is improving, and the prognosis is good. This means, however, she is in no shape to do her own promoting as all her energies need to be centered into getting herself better during a long recovery process.

This is where AWARD WINNIING Alternative Read, plus other authors and bloggers are stepping in to help. For with a joint effort we can promote Patry's book for her. And believe me, it is worth promoting!

I found The Liars Diary to be a tantalising story of murder, intrigue and love.

Faced with the cold reality that nothing will ever appear as it seems again, the protagonist is in for a series of shocks, which leave her (and this reader) wondering just how much information would we feel happy in revealing when the push comes to the shove. Would you have any doubts to where your loyalty lies?

What do they say about liars? The truth will always out. Or will it?

It's a passionate story, with a well thought out plot that will made a first-t0-last page gripper worthy of a Sassy Seal of Approval. A debut novel with fresh perspective of something - in this case a diary - we take for granted.

Please take a moment to visit the link above to find out more about the book. Also, check the previous post below for more The Liars Diary coverage. Feel free to add your comments so we know you are reading and supporting Patry in her road to recovery.

Link to buy: From our Amazon Shop - USA.
Or buy: From our UK Amazon Shop.

On behalf of Patry, Alternative Read, and over 300 other authors and bloggers - we would like to thank you for your supportive efforts and global best wishes for a special person at her time of need.

Our good thoughts and positive vibes are with you Patry!

In case you missed it, here's the previous post:

Check out our previous THE LIARS DIARY post for more info!

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  1. I most heartily join in with Sassy and wish you a full and speedy recovery, Patry. I hope that promotion efforts by Sassy and everyone else will send positive vibes and good thoughts your way, and also help with the success of your book. I am looking forward to reading it soon. Again, get well soon and stay strong, Patsy. :)



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