REVIEW: Bloody Ham ~ Brian Kavanagh ~ Be Write Books ~ Cozy Mystery -

REVIEW: Bloody Ham ~ Brian Kavanagh ~ Be Write Books ~ Cozy Mystery

Title: Bloody Ham
Author: Brian Kavanagh
Website of Author:
Publisher: Be Write Books
Website of Publisher:
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Publication Date: September 2007
ISBN: 978-1905202539
Length: 204 pagesFormat: eBook

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Brian Kavanagh has done it again. In this third book of the Belinda Lawrence
Cozy Mystery series, Brian brings Hazel Whitby to center stage where she
assumes the position as leader in the investigative team.

Hazel Whitby, an antiques dealer, hires antique silver to a film company for
use in a dinner scene in the proposed film Playing Boys. Belinda Lawrence,
as Hazel's business partner, is allowed to be on the set with Hazel to watch
over her silver during filming. To her horror, Belinda then sees one of the stars
suddenly drop dead at the end of the dinner scene. For real.

As a result, Belinda is asked to play stand-in to the American actress
taking the place of the murdered star. She feels this position provides an
opportunity for her to investigate the murder and obtain some evidence. When
a second murder takes place, her new role as stand-in tests her ability to
act when she faces off with the murderer. Belinda will never forget her
brief acting career.

Bloody Ham is a sequel to Capable of Murder and The Embroidered Corpse. Read
them all and follow Belinda Lawrence as she plays detective in each of them.
Brian Kavanagh's superb job of juggling the clues and keeping the mystery a
mystery until the very end has produced another great story.

Brian Kavanagh has many years' experience in the Australian Film Industry in
areas of production, direction, editing and writing. He is presently
planning a fourth book in the Belinda Lawrence mystery series in which
Belinda travels to Melbourne, her hometown in Australia. Her emotional
conflict continues torn between two loves, but at the same time she and
Hazel Whitby get involved in a case of murder concerning the discovery of a
missing historical item that has political ramifications. Mr. Kavanagh is
also working on a film script and has an idea for a stand alone mystery that
has comic elements. He is truly an author to watch. More information can be
found at

Reviewer: Lucille P Robinson
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REVIEW: Bloody Ham ~ Brian Kavanagh ~ Be Write Books ~ Cozy Mystery REVIEW: Bloody Ham ~ Brian Kavanagh ~ Be Write Books ~ Cozy Mystery Reviewed by Anonymous on 1:39 am Rating: 5

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