MONDAY MOVIE SWAP: Share your book trailers here! -

MONDAY MOVIE SWAP: Share your book trailers here!

Happy Monday Everyone!

Welcome to the Monday Movie post where we share each other our book trailers. I'll either spotlight a trailer I've made, or one of which I've found through this fun feature. If you've got one to show off, please leave a link in comments directing us to it and we'll pop on over and pay you a visit to watch it. I'll also add your "movie" to my YouTube Channel OhSassyOne and befriend/subscribe to you, if I'm not already. Please add me, too. Thanks :)

Today I am sharing a "movie" I made for Keta Diablo and her book Holding On To Heaven

What's your book trailer like? Please do leave the link below in comments so we can come and pay you a visit.

Between us we can make Mondays fun!

Check out past Monday Movie posts and all the great trailers already shared here.


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MONDAY MOVIE SWAP: Share your book trailers here! MONDAY MOVIE SWAP: Share your book trailers here! Reviewed by Sassy Brit on 6:00 am Rating: 5


  1. Gabrielle Bisset1:34 pm

    Here's a trailer for my erotic paranormal romance, Stolen Destiny, due out on June 29 from Siren Publishing.

  2. tvsweeney2:54 pm

    Hre's one from me:

  3. sandra3054:32 pm

    I love watching others' trailers and here's mine for my book about bullying, Hot Issues, Cool Choices
    Thanks for letting me share my trailer!

  4. Congratulations on your new release, Gabrielle! Stolen Desytiny sounds an intriguing read. Thanks for sharing your trailer and joining in with the Monday Movie swap!  I added it to my playlists and subbed to your channel :)

  5. Hey there! Thanks for playing again! What a fun video!  Almost needs a new playlist title, like um... rock star romance... Loved the music, too :)  I love Mondays, I find watching book trailer vids so enjoyable!

  6. Hey, Sandra, it's great to see you here. I remember your book very well, as I loved it. Both your book and of course your trailer deal with such serious issues in just the right way for kids that age.  Thanks for playing along!

  7. sandra3052:02 am

    Thanks and I love what you're doing!

  8. Angela Kay Austin4:28 am

    I love book trailers.  They're fun to make and fun to watch.

  9. Barbara Westbrook11:59 am

    Great trailers.  Here are two I've made:

    Restless Hearts  trailer


    Standing on Stolen
    Ground Trailer

  10. Thanks, @Sandra305:twitter ;)

  11. Oh, I know exactly what you mean! Thanks for playing Angela @AngelaKayAustin Popping over to watch it now  :D

  12. Hi, Barbara,  @BarbaraWestbrook Thank you so much for joining in with this feature. It's great to see you here. I'm going to pop on over now and watch them :) Are you on twitter?  I'm guessing your name, but I could be contacting someone else lol. Hey ho!


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