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WOYDW? What's on your desk Wednesday, Mahalia Levey? Guest Post & Giveaway!

This week I am pleased to allow you to snoop through author
Mahalia Levey's desk! (And what a great one it is, too!) 

Click picture to enlarge! *Insert Wicked Laugh*

My Typical Day
by Mahalia Levey

Good morning! I begin my day with getting the DH and teens off for the day and rouse myself with a cup of froo froo coffee. I enjoy half sweet cream such as hazelnut or caramel mocha and then hop in the shower to really wake up. Once I’m done with that, I put on a pair of fresh lounge pants and a band tee-Avenged Sevenfold is my favorite however I’m loving my new Sidewise tee!

Now that I have myself dolled up enough to get to business, I refill up the coffee and snag a bagel or some fruit and cheese and attack my email with ravenous intent to answer and delete. By then I’m frazzled as all get out. Next I put on the calming effects of my MP4 player. Songs in order are:

Seize the Day: Avenged Sevenfold
Kariachi Disco: Sidewise
F’ing Perfect: Pink
Break: Three Days Grace
The Bleeding: Five Finger Punch Death
According To You: Orianthi

Okay now for some more calm music
Don’t Think I Can’t Love You: Jake Owen
Broken Hearted Girl: Beyonce
Russian roulette: Rhianna
Cowboy Casanova:  Carrie Underwood

My desk has all kinds of goodies on it! My friends local band sidewise image is on the back part of it to give me inspiration as well as Avenged Sevenfold. I’ve been following both bands for about six years or so. I have swag from friends, and swag yet to give away. One Coca Cola paddleball set, some odds and ends, candy. A few of my fav books are on the top shelf. My cover glossy signed by Jimmy Thomas for me personally, An adult coloring book I don’t know what to do with-laugh out loud A binder full of print outs from character building sheets, to bdsm, male pov, self-edit sections, crash revisions…and other courses I’ve jumped into. There’s a thesaurus up there somewhere, a pez dispenser, my teens laptop and a netbook.  Swag from other authors and some things given to me as gifts. I love my Danica Covey Mask and My water bottle signed by Sandy Sullivan. The pulsating heart usb from Sam Cheever my teens keep trying to steal! That’s about it.  

Once a month I rotate the list from all two thousand songs. Seize the Day is a permanent number one song. The rest alternate on the shuffle board.  Once I’ve played all ten songs, I get to writing or editing. Depending on what’s coming up on my plate. I write slowly some mornings and faster others. I break at mid-day erm…around noon to go run on my treadmill in the basement. A lot of times running helps me think as I get a feel for the next section! If it’s great outside though— I’ll walk out in the fresh air for about a half hour or so with my pedometer on. I’m a panster at heart. Sometimes I’ll either have the television on for sound or color, either muting it or listening depending. Um that’s pretty much it for me. My teens get out of school around two-thirty and after sports get home around three forty-five or so, so the silence is gone. Once they’re home it’s onto making dinner and playing Yatzee and or Scrabble.  Where I write ranges on the weather. If it’s nice outside I’ll forgo my messy desk and sit at the patio table on my deck. If I want to listen to CSI as I work on something I’ll sit in the recliner in the living room and use my lappy stand. 

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~Mahalia Levey 
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WOYDW? What's on your desk Wednesday, Mahalia Levey? Guest Post & Giveaway! WOYDW? What's on your desk Wednesday, Mahalia Levey? Guest Post & Giveaway! Reviewed by Sassy Brit on 9:00 am Rating: 5


  1. I really enjoyed this snoop into your writing life, Mahalia! Thank you for taking the time to share it with us! @hales3000 <---Mahalia Levey everyone!

  2. Good morning - I'm already a follower of this blog - I have to say, it's refreshing to see someone else has a work space that's as compact and mess as mine - makes me feel better. The only difference, I have multiple display monitors attached to my laptop so I can keep my excel files with my characters and outline up at the same time I'm writing my book on the laptop - thanks for sharing a little personal piece of yourself.

    Missy Martine

  3. You're desk looks colorful and not that cluttered (unlike mine). But like you, I have a tendency to write other places then my desk. So the mess doesn't bother me too much. Congrats on the new release. I wish you many many sales.

  4. Thanks for having me I enjoyed reading what I wrote up again!

  5. Thanks for having me! I enjoyed re reading what I sent you :)

  6. Hi Hales!!! Congratulations on your new release- it looks fabulous. Wish my desk looked as neat as yours does!

  7. Sandra Marshall3:36 pm

    Hales, your desk doesn't messy to me. Messy is my desk. lol Congrats on your new release.

  8. Your desk is pretty neat. My desk usually isn't. Please enter me in contest. I would love to read your book. It sounds really good. Tore923@aol.com

  9. So cool...But ya know...kinda looks like Penelope Garcia's desk in Criminal Minds...just sayin' Love Carrie Underwood...met her and what a tiny little thing she is. You are one fascinating individual my friend. Thanks for sharing a part of your world with ours today.

  10. I like the desk :) I really should have more pics around mine too

  11. Thanks ladies for all the great comments

  12. Your desk is so clean for an author...grin
    We like the way you have a soundtrack to write to.

  13. LPRobinson643:42 am

    Mahalia, I'd really like to win your book. I love free books. I also enjoyed reading what you had to say. The only questions I can think of are: [1] When did you start writing and what was your first story about. [2] How many books/stories have you published or had published? I follow this blog on Google Reader. I've asked 3 questions. I love to read. So let me win.

  14. I have a similar compact space too, so I know what you mean , Missy Martine. Thanks for your support :) @Missy_Martine:twitter  Found you on Twitter. Following you, now! 

  15. Thanks for leaving a comment, @Willa  :) I couldn't find you on Twitter. Are you? 

  16. Last chance to enter this @hales3000:twitter giveaway! Click this link to join in. Leave your email, in case you win! :) RT please. (UK Time)

  17. Thanks Sassy Brit the winner is tore923@aol.com and i will be emailing a copy directly!


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