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WOYDW: What's on Tracy's Desk? Where's Merry, Pippin and Strider?

Tracy Cooper-Posey, our author in the spotlight this month, bravely shares her desk pictures! 

1: Note the French Press and coffee cup -- an essential element that gets me through my days! 
I'm almost embarassed to show you my desk.

I've seen pictures of great authors at their "desks" -- sweeping great ocean liner sized polished teak monstrosities gleaming with care and polish, with nary a stapler or scratch, no paper, no sweat, not a work-a-day utensil in sight.

Oh, the occassional writer might be poised behind a classic typewriter, looking elegant and coiffed.

I don't have that luxury, or the publicity team to manufacture it.

The truth is very prosaic and workmanlike.  After thirty-seven published novels, uncounted unpublished novels, and dozens of novels in various stages of completion, ten years of maintaining a site + blog, over 500 articles and blog posts, and all the supporting research and promotion that goes with it, my desk and office area looks about as worn as such effort might extol.

But it's a very effective work area, all the same.

2:  The desk to my right and the VIP reference bookshelves.  The rest of the room is also book-lined.

The only thing missing from the pictures is at least one of my cats, Merry, Pippin or Strider, who like to keep me company when I write, by sprawling under the desk lamp and sunning themselves and nudging my mouse hand for the occassional chin scratch.  They're not camera shy in the least, but food outranks posing for their fans, any day -- they were busy stuffing their faces when I took the pictures.  I pass along their apologies.

3 Another essential plot tool.

4: Close up of one of my VIP Reference shelves.

To find out more about Tracy Cooper-Posey, please click the link below! Thank you.

APRIL 2011
Author in the Spotlight
Tracy Cooper-Posey
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Thank you Kiki Howell for being our guest last month!

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  1. Thank you for this peek into your writing life, Tracy! It's very kind of you, not to mention brave :) I love it!

  2. garysue6:42 pm

    Your office looks like mine. susan leech

  3. Thanks, Sassy. I guess I've shattered forever any notion about me being a glamorous romance author, hmm?

  4. Really, Susan? I suppose every work area has common elements, and every writer has books and more books to hand....

  5. I like those books on that shelf, very interesting :)


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