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WOYDW? The Radio Murders and the Dark & Dangerous Chuck Collins...

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This week I am pleased to welcome author and broadcaster, 
the 'Dark and Dangerous'
Chuck Collins

My day as a writer is mostly about radio. But while The Radio Murders Series continues, I will have to juggle a bit.

The Book:
The Radio Murders: The Collectors

What if there was a Talk Radio format that delivered Real-Time Murder? Would you listen? Would you call in? Would you participate?

About the Book:

Talk show host Bill “Crash” Kradich is watching his career fade. Radio is changing. Content is king and the typical boy’s basement banter is either overdone, subject to fines, or simply not working.  Crash is running scared, and running out of options. 

Then an opportunity comes his way. His sister sinks into insanity, goes on a killing spree and for her finale, calls her brother’s talk show with every intention of broadcasting a violent double homicide on the air!  

Fortunately, it didn’t work out quite that way, but what did happen sends Crash, the news director of Chicago’s KCI Radio, and Chief of Investigators Herman Jeffries on a deadly adventure into the world of The Collectors.  

Welcome to The Radio Murders. This is the first in a series of stories, fictional tales with no representation of persons living or dead, no chance of such a show making it the air.

At least that’s what we tell ourselves: we’re better than this.
Aren’t we?

About the Author:

Chuck Collins is a 35-year veteran broadcaster. He is an award winning writer who has turned his talents to creating mystery/thrillers. The Radio Murders is a passion that began in 2002, delivering a dark, dangerous and exciting side of the medium that touches all of us.

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