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What's on your desk, Wednesday?: A Raving Anglophile!

This week I am pleased to welcome the biggest fan of England, 
Scott Lyman

Union Jack Converse All Stars  -- click to enlarge!

It began in 1995, upon watching Ang Lee's/Emma Thompson's ingenious film adaptation of "Sense & Sensibility." 

And for the past 16 years, my massive love for England has rivalled even that of my love for writing. Unlike most Anglophiles, this passion goes far beyond being smitten by the accent alone. Over the years, I've cultivated a substantial interest in everything from Oxfordshire's indie rock scene to the organic food industry in the town of Reading, in the county of Berkshire.

Along the way, I have amassed a collection of England merch that has become invaluable to me. The accompanying snaps provide a mere "tip of the iceberg" preview of the many items in this collection. The Union Jack Converse All Stars (see main desk pic), in particular, represent the "crown jewels" of my Anglo-themed stash, as they're virtually impossible to find in the US. These shoes were a gift and as such, I have made a promise to myself, that they will never be worn. Rather, they'll be placed inside a display case, in due course.

"What's on your desk?" you ask? For me, it's an unquantifiable love for a country I have yet to visit, but hope to soon enough.
Visit Scott's British-themed blog, entitled The Shipping Forecast -- http://underanenglishsky.wordpress.com


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  1. Thank you so much, Scott, for sharing your love of England with our readers. It's a pleasure to meet you. I only wish I had more space to add ALL of the photos you sent me! ;)


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