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HALLOWEEN WEEK: Angelic Chronicles Trilogy | Abbadon (Print Copy) GIVEAWAY!


As Halloween draws close, our thoughts turn to dark creatures that we trust do not really exist. Tales of them in books and movies have scared us when we were young, and even now in adulthood. Recently, vampires, werewolves and demons are being portrayed as having certain saving graces. Some are even adopting the role of hero or heroine. However, in my Angelic Chronicles trilogy the demons are definitely evil and most unsavory. Let me introduce you to Shedim, the leader of the demons in Abbadon/Hell. If the following excerpt intrigues you, this demon’s vampirism is later explored in chilling detail, but don’t despair, there is also romance in the underworld. 

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ANSWER THIS QUESTION:-->  If you were a child now, which scary character would you want to dress up as at Halloween, and why would you choose that one?

Excerpt from Abbadon: Book Two of the Angelic Chronicles.

Shedim entered the room and the first archangel reflected on how much he had changed since his creation. Then he was a daemon with several legs, a tail and a number of horns and eyes. After drinking the essence of more than one angel during the earlier battle against Michael and Gabriel, he had grown in stature. In addition, all but two of his legs had been discarded and he now possessed only one large horn that sprouted from the middle of his brow and extended upwards above his head. Two cruel eyes were evident below the horn and there were an additional two positioned at the back of his hairless head. His hands and feet were big and their brutal talons made them appear even larger. Instead of keeping his tail wrapped around his body as before, he now encircled one or the other leg with it. The many sharp teeth were present, but they no longer protruded and were only visible when he opened his vicious mouth. The advantage of wings meant he could journey quickly wherever he wished to go. Unlike angelic beings, Shedim possessed two pairs, one set high on his shoulders and a second pair located immediately below the first. They were not the glorious appendages that archangels and angels owned, but rather ugly expanses of etheric scaly skin. Lines of scales and spiny growths were also criss-crossing his maldor torso and extending along his limbs. In all, the demon presented a most repulsive figure.
“Demon, you have kept me waiting.” Samael placed his hand on the sheathed light wand that lay slung across his left shoulder. This action implied an intention to draw the crystal.
Shedim’s eyes narrowed as they followed the archangel’s hand movement. He gave a servile bow and replied, “My apologies, master. This shaitan was merely enjoying a tasty daemon.” His explanation was followed by a wicked grimace.
“Ah, yes, I forgot about your penchant for the little imps.” His hand moved back down to his side. “But tell me, Shedim, does the taste of a daemon compare with that of angelic essence?”
The demon’s mouth opened slightly and his long tongue suddenly appeared. He slowly licked his thin lips and his eyes became glazed with a dreamy expression as he answered, “No, master. There is nothing that is equal to that delicious elixir.”

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HALLOWEEN WEEK: Angelic Chronicles Trilogy | Abbadon (Print Copy) GIVEAWAY! HALLOWEEN WEEK: Angelic Chronicles Trilogy | Abbadon (Print Copy) GIVEAWAY! Reviewed by Sassy Brit on 5:00 am Rating: 5


  1. nevillethompson7:00 am

    I think I would probably want to dress up as ar eally terrible looking zombie.
    I think for other kids seeing one of their own like that would be really scary.


    Carol T
    buddytho {at} gmail DOT com

  2. recupefashion7:10 pm

    I would dress up as a witch, mainly because I respect witches, and their evil forces,
    I love the way they look, but I would look evilly good, and wouldn,t scare children too much,

    recupefashion at hotmail dot fr


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