Day 1 Alternative-Spooks Giveaway: Terror & Pain | Halloween Writing Prompt & Giveaway #1

Welcome to the first day of this special  
Alternative Spooks Event week 

Today I am pleased to welcome back author and broadcaster, 
Chuck Collins
to Alternative-Read
Chuck has very kindly donated a hard copy of his book,
The Radio Murders: The Collectors

worth  $30 / £20
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 Bethany watched for the white terrycloth to reveal the truth. It was a race, in the midst of her terror, which would arrive first, the soak of red or the pain. How could something so normal go so horribly wrong, she thought. The morning was nothing like the night. It had been quite routine. He was gone. Too bad, he was fantastic! Now, his could very well be her last human touch. The pool arrived, fast and uniformed around the small hole. But she did not see it, nor feel the pain. Her fading thought was of the cell phone in her hand, 9-1-1, did they hear me? Did I scream?  

Chuck Collins is a 35-year veteran broadcaster. He is an award winning writer who has turned his talents to creating mystery/thrillers. The Radio Murders is a passion that began in 2002, delivering a dark, dangerous and exciting side of the medium that touches all of us.

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