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What's on your desk, Wednesday? (WOYDW) | Tonya R. Moore Enlightens Us!

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I write. I don’t earn a living from it. I hope someday in the not-so-faraway future, I’ll be able to claim otherwise. Some people say that until that day comes, I’m audacious in even claiming to be an Author. I don’t much care one way or another. My love of the written word is what drove me to write in the first place. It’s always been more of a refuge than a vehicle for profit or tangible personal gain.

My typical day isn’t very interesting at all. I live on a night schedule and live pretty-much like a hermit. I work a full-time and sometimes, mentally exhausting job. Twelve hour night shifts. The schedule itself isn’t a bad arrangement but being mentally/emotionally drained doesn’t really lend itself to creative productivity. My writing suffers because of it. Hell, my sanity suffers because of it but I really prefer workign nights.

For the past couple of months, I’ve been dealing with some issues that basically shoved all of my writing goals and endeavors off the rails. I’m only just now slowly trying get back to the projects that I had to set aside for all this while. As a result, my daily routine sort of went right out the window, as well.

Otherwise, a typical day would comprise of getting home from work, whittling a bit away at my to-do list and tweeting with various people, etc. I try to get some writing done before bed. On days when I know I won’t have to go back to work in the night, I usually just keep writing and not even bother going to bed until late afternoon. I’d admit it’s a weird way of existing but at the best of times this works really well for me.

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Homepage: http://www.tonyamoore.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Tonya-R-Moore/30082327876
Blog (Misadventurous): http://www.tonyamoore.com/blog/

Author Bio:

Tonya R. Moore is a Speculative Fiction writer, currently residing in Florida. At the moment, her focus is on Space Opera type novels, short stories and flash fiction, but she also writes urban and horror fiction from time to time.

She has a number of short stories and flash pieces that have been published in various electronic magazines and anthologies. Her episodic fantasy series - BLOOD BINDS - is published monthly in eFiction Magazine.
Link: http://www.efictionmag.com/

Special Projects & Endeavors

The WEB FICTION DIRECTORY came about after I realized that there were so many other digital authors sharing their amazing stories online. I wanted to help other avid readers find them too. I've had a lot of help from other writers and gifted individuals, so I share resources and information in my WRITING LINKS directory that I hope will be useful to writers and other creative types.

MISADVENTUROUS is where I blog about my creative pursuits and life, as well as  & the art & industry of writing. I also reviews books & web fiction and promote authors. If you're a speculative fiction author with an upcoming book release, send me your information. If I like it, I'll feature it on my blog.

The HIVE MIND Speculative Fiction Collective offers works of fiction by a select a group of like-minded writers who share a love of the speculative fiction genre—in all its forms—including science fiction, fantasy, horror, and the supernatural. The Authors of the Hive Mind have between us, a number of publishing credits both online and in print.

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What's on your desk, Wednesday? (WOYDW) | Tonya R. Moore Enlightens Us! What's on your desk, Wednesday? (WOYDW) | Tonya R. Moore Enlightens Us! Reviewed by Sassy Brit on 5:55 am Rating: 5


  1. Haha - they do the same things, really. It's because without the portability of my notebook, I'm in serious danger on spending 90% of my life hunched over my desk. Aslo, I'm most productive when I can multi-task with ease... really the way I have my computers set up in a network, it's basically like I'm just working on a computer with 2 monitors when @ home. My job (though I can't publicly say what it is) requires the use of 5 computer monitors at once... working like this is second nature, so I guess it just eventually carried over into my personal life as this weird affectation. :D

  2. Oh you have a top secret job? I won't ask, but I'm intrigued. Sounds fantastic. Thanks for explaining. Sounds like you lead a very interesting life. :)

  3. An interesting piece Tonya. And if you didn't know it already, I consider you not just an author but a very talented one,

  4. Hi Clayton--thanks! I appreciate it!

  5. :-D @mikodragonfly @claytonbye


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